Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"People Who Makes Rude Remarks"

Sometimes I like to look at the top search terms that bring people to my blog. Always, always, there is a search term involving something about hairstyles for big foreheads. For a while there was always something about pantyhose, but I haven't talked about those in a while. It's very interesting and somewhat shocking to see some of the terms, but I wasn't so shocked by the phrase "people who makes rude remarks."

I'm all about people who makes rude remarks. I hates that so dang much. Rude remark makers just makes me want to blow my top. I considers it my mission to expose rude remark makers on this blog, so I takes it as a real compliment that a search term like that brought someone who is wandering in the darkness into the light.

My blog is like a beacon for people who needs to vent their frustration over those who makes rude remarks. It stands tall and proud, saying gives me your poor, your unedumacated, your huddled masses yearnsing to be free.  Come, take a load off, sit awhile, and we'll talk about those people who makes those rude remarks.

(And maybe we'll talk about people who is cursed with big foreheads)


  1. I love you and your large forehead. Thanks for hugging me last week, too. :)

  2. Your head is proportionate and attractive. People who makes rude remarks makes me sick. Those people don't get things and is bad.

  3. Is you saying that the bottom of my face are large, too? Is you makesing a rude remark???

  4. i don't see anything large about your forehead.