Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Blogs that Might Entice Me to Hug the PC.

Some of these blogs are imaginary, I-wish-they-existed types of blogs and some are real.

10. Saramarinara's, for obvious reasons.

9. KASM's "Every Day I write the Book" for its wit, relatability, and the fact that she is my sister.

8. Marcy Dibbleblotts' "How am I doin'?" because of her reference to old ladies' useful driving advice.

7. Heikaras' "People All Overthe World . . . Join Hands" because it is a feel-good blog and it offers all of us a chance for free deer hamburger.

6. Bono's blog about anything (we're talking his daily showering habits, what he ate for dinner, anything).

5. A blog that was dedicated entirely to complimenting my blog.

4. A blog that was nothing but pictures of Bono through ages, with insightful commentary.

3. The blog of Elvis--alive and well--in hiding.

2. Martha Stewart's Camp Cupcake blog--because I yearn for her well-being, not because I think it is funny that she is in prison.

1. A blog that is dedicated entirely to complimenting my blog (yes, I put it in here twice, this is no type-o)


  1. P.S. A Sylvan commercial just gave me goose bumps. The music is so GOOD. I can't help it.

  2. I am hugging the PC as we speak. If it were a Mac, I don't know if I could hug it under any circumstances, however.

  3. Let me know when the blog of praise is up... I will happily guest blog :D