Thursday, October 21, 2004

[Insert Michael Moore Pun Here]

I make a point to be as apolitical as possible as a blogger. After all, I wouldn't want to alienate 50% of my readers (that means you, Marcy Dibbleblotts and Heikaras), but I thought I should at least mention that I went to see Michael Moore yesterday. It was a spectacle, which was exactly what I expected. It was less public speech, more political rally--lots of people yelling "HEEEELLLLOOOOO, UTAHHHHHHH!" and some people yelling "TWO MORE WEEKS!" etc. In the apolitical tradition, I won't discuss what I agreed/disagreed with, but I will tell you this: there were some people outside protesting the wearing of pants. They had signs that said "pants are the enemy" and they were chanting "no more pants, no more pants!" Now there's a political point of view that I can get behind. I got a brochure and some bumper stickers. One of the guys asked me for my name and number, so he could send me more information, but I declined (it was kinda creepy talking to a guy wearing a dress). I'm not sure what motivated these blokes--maybe it was the spirit of rebellion that Michael Moore inevitably brings with him where ever he goes. Maybe they were intoxicated by the craziness of the rain and the crowd. Or maybe it was something else, something more beautiful and complicated than we can ever imagine . . .

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  1. I could get on board with "No More Dresses". Then I wouldn't have to find big clunky shoes for my gargantuan feet to wear at church. Truly the bane of my existence.