Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mama's Back

Well, I deleted my entire blog last night in a fit of. . . of . . . of low self-esteem. You know, I just felt that I needed to go away for a while and "dream it all up again," as Bono told us all back in 1989 (or was it '90?) before U2's hiatus and subsequent reincarnation in the form of "Achtung Baby." Well, this blog is my version of Achtung Baby. But never fear, there will not be an equivalent of "Zoocrappa" to follow (see http://kasm.blogspot.com). I am still Carly, and have not taken on any alternate personas like "The Fly" or "MacPhisto" (shudder). And while U2 took several years to complete their transformation, mine has taken less than 24 hours. Go figure. I guess I'm really rather shallow, after all. So, here's the new blog, created for my posse (Kacy and Christian, and possibly Heidi, if she will read it), and with aspirations only to entertain, please, and instruct them.


  1. I'm always very willing to be entertained as long as you don't expect the same in return. :)

    Your Humble Audience

  2. I will really be watching you closely for signs of MacPhisto. Welcome back. It's funny that it was only 24 hours. Admittedly, it seemed a LOT longer to me. Awesome publicity stunt. Now we are even more committed to you and your misadventures.

  3. I'm really, really glad you're back! Can't wait to hear more.