Monday, October 25, 2004

Ten Most Monumental Television-Hugging Moments in My Life

Television-Hugging Moment:(n) A moment of TV-viewing euphoria so intense that one is actually compelled to get out of her chair and hug the TV (often brought on by the image of Bono or the announcement of a U2 concert in the area).

10. Any time I see that new IPod commercial in which U2 is playing "Vertigo" and Bono is back in all his flowing-haired glory.

9. When Uncle Scrooge has a change of heart in "Mickey's Christmas Carrol" and Tiny Tim says his famous line. (This could also fit into my list of ten things I am ashamed to cry over).

8. Any time I see Craig Kilborn do or say anything on TV. He is so brilliant.

7. The time when I found out that U2 was coming to Utah on their Popmart Tour (1997) after a fifteen year hiatus.

6. That other time when I found out the U2 was coming to Utah on their Elevation Tour (2001). I went to this concert when I was 7 months pregnant. I had a ticket in the $80 seats and my husband sat in the cheap seats with his friend. I COULD have traded tickets with his friend, but there was no way I was going to sit in the cheap seats at a U2 concert--I have my standards.

5. 48 times during one viewing of "Rattle and Hum." Highlights include when Bono painstakingly plays guitar in "Running to Stand Still" and when he is so overcome with sweat and emotion in "Bad" that he just hugs Adam Clayton and walks off the stage mid-song.

4. 27 times during each of the three "Beatles Anthology" specials on TV back in 1996. (All of them having to do with John Lennon--sorry, Kacy, he just brings up so many more emotions in all of us than Paul does, which is why I would marry Paul, date John, have a crush on George, and be best friends with Ringo).

3. The last hour of "Return of the King." Because I can't help it.

2. When Stevie Nicks is talking about how devasted she was because Lindsay Buckingham broke her heart (seen on VH1's "Behind the Music"), and also when she sang "Silver Spring" on stage at their reunion concert, like RIGHT TO HIM! I wonder what he was thinking.

1. Inumerable times while watching Elvis's "'68 Comeback Special." That black leather jumpsuit! His banter with the audience and his band! The dramatic interpretations of his songs by dancers in multicolored bodysuits! Could it BE any more huggable?


  1. Oh my gosh! When Stevie just SANG "Silver Spring" to Lindsay I CRIED! That is my why-don't-you-love-me-I-am-SO-loveable song on repeat of choice.

    Man... i so need a hug now.

  2. Regarding the Beatles: Well said.
    Regarding Rattle and Hum and also worth mentioning: The furious leg shaking in Exit and the repeated, endearing tripping of Bono.

  3. Here is where I get to remind everyone that I was at Rattle and Hum in 1987 when it was filmed. No tv needed. :) And I paid $6 for my ticket.

  4. I love your top ten format of blogging. I am still looking for my blog personality.

  5. Heidi, did you actually hug Bono?? Did you? Because I have hugged him a lot via the TV. And Marcy, I love your blog personality, keep it up. Saramarinara--if you were on TV, I would hug you. I may have to expand my TV hugging to include PC hugging, so I can hug worthy and appropriate blogs such as your own.