Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My Day of Rest

The following things all happened during the three hour block of church last Sunday:

1. Noticed v. posh woman in ward--woman who is engineering teacher at BYU, teaches her kids the value of work, and loves to go backpacking in the woods--wearing NUDE FISHNETS. Feel vindicated.

2. Sat down in Relief Society, only to discover that red high heel was stuck in air vent.

3. Received look of horror and shocked exclamation of "no!" from former Primary president upon explaining that I am in charge of the annual Primary Christmas Pageant. Panic ensued.

4. During Sunday school when Brother Macy asked who the Book of Mormon was intended for, and someone answered "Jew and Gentile" and Mike leaned over to me and said "who doesn't that include?" I replied, "the Chinese." This made Mike v. mad, but I thought was good laugh riot. (PS have nothing against the Chinese. Lived among them for six months and found them delightsome).

5. During sacrament meeting, had to pry Holden off elderly lady's feet.

6. Leaned over to Mike four times during Sunday school and said something to make him feel guilty for going to Mexico over Thanksgiving holiday. Cause it's my job.

7. Like fool, stopped executive secretary in hall to explain that I had a dream in which I was ordered to kill him.

8. Pretended not to know where loud growling sound was coming from during passing of sacrament. (It was Holden, laying on elderly lady's feet).


  1. V. funny blog. I also always tell people dreams I had about them, regretting it only seconds later. Must remind self not to tell man in home ward over Christmas that had dream that while visiting him in the hospital, his head was on body of frozen chicken.

  2. V. funny. Who is the executive secretary? I cant' believe C. Isom wears nude fishnets. Do you think they were knee hi?