Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Not Quite Ten Things

Okay, so I totally stole the idea for this blog from both Kacy and Sarah Marinara. But I figured that, while the format is the same, the content is 100% authentic Carly. Enjoy.

1. I hide my inability to write long, funny essays in short, sometimes pithy, top ten lists.

2. I once put down "earwigs" as my greatest fear on one of those email personality quizzes that my friend takes really seriously.

3. I've already told you that I hug the TV, but have I mentioned that I also lovingly stroke the radio?

4. I have a passionate love affair with breakfast meats--bacon, in particular.

5. I refused to purchase some flour at Costco because it was made by ConAgra, which I now boycott after reading Fast Food Nation. I consider this my finest moment of protest.

6. Once I watched a U2 concert on Pay-Per-View with my friend, Robyn, and took notes about each song (what Bono was wearing, what he did on stage, and even the variations of the music).

7. Once I paid $100 to attend this conference called "Looking Back With Pleasure" on African American literature, and after attending one lecture, I made a break for Crossroads Plaza.

8. When I was little, I named my toes: the big toe was called "Leddo Leddo," and the little toe was called "Ink Frink," obviously.

9. I am so shallow that I can't even come up with ten exciting things about myself.


  1. Yes, everyone must do this list. E Blogger requires it or they delete your blog. I'm going to slowly work my way up to 100 and I hope you do too. Shallow? nay, modest! I will look back with pleasure on this list.

  2. I STILL haven't come up with anything for my refurbished 100 Things. I think I'm getting dull in my old age. Perhaps if I took up booze I could liven things up. :)

  3. are you talking about me???? on the friend who takes those quizzes seriously?

  4. I think you should at least add in the fact that you bought nude colored knee highs. That's pretty darn exciting, if you ask me.