Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Reasons Why I Haven't Been Blogging

1. I cut my own bangs and have been ashamed to leave the bathroom ever since.

2. That jelly donut I ate in transit on BYU campus left my fingers all sticky.

3. Have been too busy watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ten times since last week and pausing it right when Hermione grabs Ron's hand.

4. Have been all tied up sitting on the couch, getting "cozy" and eating "m m's" with Holden.

5. Purchased new U2 CD and haven't left CD player since (favorite line: "freedom has a scent, like the top of a newborn baby's head." where does he come up with this stuff?)

6. Have been swamped with strategic plan for getting out of being in charge of the Primary Christmas Pageant this Friday night.

7. Over-consumption of turkey caused deep sleep that am just now waking up from.

8. Have been busy down at the blood clinic selling blood in order to afford the box set of seasons 1-4 of Seinfeld.

9. Am right in the middle of debacle involving branching out from Elvis and Neil Diamond Christmas music that have been listening to for the last decade and a half.

10. Am in deep depression, as there is no Lord of the Rings movie to look forward to this Christmas.


  1. So glad your back... and I'm sorry about the bangs. I have had my own bad bang experiances. I have not purchased the new U2 cd because I know I'll fail all my finals if I do. And really... I NEED a degree so maybe SOMEONE will marry me. Maybe.

  2. You'll have to share your strategic plans for getting out of being in charge of the primary Nativity. I think I told you that I'm leading the little kiddies in FOUR songs in sacrament meeting. Just got called. Scared and plotting.

  3. I cut my own bangs once... I took them and twisted them and then cut... I was going for the jagged look that my hair dresser does so well. I got a jagged look, but it wasn't the one I was going for. It was horrible. I am sure you did a much better job and look great!

  4. I'm just glad you're back on the blog.

  5. Did you know that selling your own blood is really only popular/accepted in Provo? I had track marks when I went to BYU from the process.