Thursday, January 13, 2005

Okay, Just One More Picture-laden Post

Thought I'd list and show (now that I can) some of the things on my wish list from The O

This I actually broke down and ordered.

This I am currently trying to convince Mike to let me buy (I may have to eat cheddar cheese to close this deal. . . shudder)

Okay, enough is enough. I am just excited about my new skills. (But I really do want some memory foam...real bad).


  1. Teach me... I LOVE photo laden blogs... email me the how-to's. I downloaded Hello, is that a start?

  2. Cletis, I'm so proud. And I feel so behind. I want to jump on the picture blog bandwagon. But I am scared. oh, and stupid.

  3. Carrie Ann: It is funny you should ask ME to help you post pictures. As of yesterday at this time, I had no idea how to do it. Were it not for Kaycee, I would never have known. I used flickr instead of hello. I would love to email you what I know--or you can ask Kaycee (who is the real expert). Maybe I can email you my picture-posting tips and you can email me your self-tanning tips?
    Marcy: You are not dumb and you needn't be scared. ILY.

  4. I hereby offer tech advisory services to Carrie Ann and Marcy because I like them. Email me & we'll set it up.

  5. P.S. I am a praise glutton, so thanks again Carly.

  6. Kaycee,
    I am a praise glutton, too, which is why I obsess over how many comments each of my posts get, comparing them to Every Day I Write the Book, and Miser Loves Fun-Pany and shedding tears of disappointment.