Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Top Ten People I Would Like to Have Seen Star Wars With (Who May or May not Have Snubbed Me)

10. Bono: He wouldn't return my calls. What's up with that?

9. Darth Vader: He was already in line and everything--with an extra ticket, even--and he just pretended I wasn't standing right in front of him in my Princess Leah costume!

8. Marcy Dibbleblotts: Although it hardly seems possible with her living across the country and not having seen any of the Star Wars movies.

7. Fromage: He's never gonna comment on my blog, or go to Star Wars with me, is he?

6. My mom: But she hates strange creatures and hates the wierd names of strange creatures even more, so I couldn't have really expected to go with her.

5. Harrison Ford: I thought Hans Solo would be the perfect companion. Turns out he wants nothing to do with Star Wars now that he's in love with Callista Flockhart--I'm sure she fulfills his need for strange creatures with even stranger names.

4. Mike--I think eventually he'll go with me. But every time I bring it up, he sort of changes the subject. Hopefully this is not a snub, but a desire to rise above the Star Wars quagmire?

3. Napoleon Dynamite: Now there's a fellow who appreciates strange creatures and their weird names.

2. Jason Bateman as Michael on Arrested Development: Not only is he a cutie, but I could ride in that sweet stair car.

1. KACY: My own flesh and blood! I think this may constitute a snub.


  1. I am flattered to have made this list. Please fly out for my Star Wars intiation marathon. please. please. please. I will look up tix everyday for you. oh wait, i already do that. I will buy your 5 guys. what is stopping you?

  2. If you are buying the 5 guys, I'm on the next plane.

  3. Ahhh, well I understand completely if you were saving yourself for Harrison Ford. All is forgotten.

  4. As an extreme fan of exotic creatures, I can not believe you did not mention the following folks with whom to watch Star Wars (in no particular order).

    1. Will Smith. (Independence Day, MIB, MIBII).

    2. Tommy Lee Jones (MIB, MIBII, Space Cowboys)

    3. Kurt Russell (Stargate, The Thing)

    4. Jack Nicholson (Mars Attacks)

    5. Sigourney Weaver (Alien, II, III, IV)

    6. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator, Total Recall)

    7. Bruce Willis (5th Element, Armageddon)

    8. Val Kilmer (Red Planet)

    9. Henry Thomas & Drew Barrymore (ET)

    10. Richard Dreyfuss (Close Encounters)

    11. Gary Sinise (Mission to Mars)

    12. Jodie Foster (Contact)

    13. Michael Jordan (Spacejam)

    13. John Lucas

    14. Steven Spielberg

    I could go on and on, but in interest of blogspace, this has been my two cents. Something to think about.

  5. John Lucas must be the rebellious, peace activist brother of George. Ringo and Paul are the other lesser known Lucas brothers.

  6. My memory fails me, Grasshopper. John, George, Peter, Paul or Mary, it isn't the moniker that is important, it is the lesson learned in the company of greatness.