Monday, September 19, 2005

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! (To Be Sung Like a Heavenly Choir)

Well, I've got one more thing to live for. And that thing is the U2 concert in SLC on December 17th. I know what you're thinking: "But Carly, that concert is sold out!" Or, "But Carly, don't you live in Tucson now?" Or maybe even, "But Carly, won't you have a newborn on December 17th?" These are all true statements. But one thing you are forgetting is the fact that I have the most fantastic sister EVER, and she got me a ticket for my birthday. Erin is always doing nice things for me, but this is by far the best--even better than the cheddar cheese incident of '85 (she took me out for breakfast at McDonalds, and when there was cheddar cheese on my egg mcmuffin, she switched with me. She hates cheese as much as I do, but she took my cheddar and I will never forget that). So I'm going. I'ma leave my kids with my mother, throw in some nursing pads, and be on my way. And this will be the fourth time I have seen U2, not to brag, or anything. I mean, I can't rightly brag about four times because my cousin, Cindy, travels all over the country to see them. She's flying into SLC just for the day to watch the concert. So who am I with my piddly 4 times?? Her U2 CV is MUCH more comprehensive and impressive than mine. But I'll share mine with you, as it is rife with interesting stories:

Concert #1: Zoo TV Tour (when Achtung Baby came out) November of '92

Drove to Las Vegas with my mom and Kacy.
Stayed in the Golden Nugget Hotel, which is featured in the "I Still Haven't
Found what I'm Looking for" video.
Enjoyed the opening show, which consisted of two rappers (one fat and one thin) about whom Kacy kept saying "this is such a great show, is this HEART?"
Had a good laugh when Bono tried to call George Bush at the white house
Sang along to "In the Name of Love" and got made fun of by Kacy
Realized at the same time as Kacy what the lyric "one man betrayed with a kiss" was referring to

Concert #2: Popmart Tour (When Pop came out) May of '97

Received free tickets from an anonymous classmate one morning in choir (thank you,MM. You are the nicest person in the world. I know who you are.
Drove to SLC early to bum around and heard U2 rehearsing at Rice Eccles Stadium
Enjoyed the opening act, which was Rage Against the Machine
Screamed and went nuts when Bono came out and said, "Thanks for being so patient...for 15 years!" (Which referred to U2's long hiatus from Utah).
Enjoyed the giant lemmon spinning around the stage, and loved it when it opened like a spaceship and the band walked out singing and playing
Did not particularly like it when Bono wore this:

Concert #3: Elevation Tour (When All that You Can't Leave Behind came out) November of '01

Bought ticket over the phone (only one available, so Mike was out of luck)
Mike got himself a ticket through a friend and we sat separately (afterall, I
had the better seat)
Holden was dancing inside the womb (I was 8 months pregnant when I went) and the
two teenage boys standing next to me only knew the words to the most recent songs, which deeply offended me
Highlights included Bono giving the American flag a prolonged and dramatic hug,the opening band (No Doubt), and them playing the beginning of Sgt. Pepper's
Lonely Hearts Club Band right before Bono came on stage.
Two words:


I can't wait to build up my resume with concert #4. It should be a doosy. Thanks again, Erin. More thoughts on Bono to follow...


  1. Why you and Erin be such (cheddar) haters?

    I am totally jealous, Hoss. Wish I could go with you, too. (Do you think Bono will wear red overalls making your dream come to fruition?)

  2. You mustn't forget to boo really loud when they play Sunday Bloody Sunday.

  3. itl at the simon goodbody (is that his name?) photo. oh mama is right.

  4. Congrats on the tickets! U2 was here in ATL a little while ago, but I was too wussy of a new mom to go.

    I still can't believe we got those tickets for free... I'm excited to hear about how this concert goes! Enjoy!

  5. Oh, Robyn. It's like asking someone to choose her favorite child. But really, the Elevation concert was probably my favorite, despite the fact that I was pregnant and uncomfortable and didn't even sit by my own husband.

  6. Emily: Why boo for Sunday Bloody Sunday?

  7. Legend has it...U2 boycotted Utah for 15 years or however long because when they sang SBS at a concert there before it was out, the audience booed, presumably because they thought it was anti-Sabbath. Bono surely used a few choice words and said he'd never play there again. Ah, I love that story.

  8. Which is why it was so poignant when, after 15 years, they came to Utah and Bono said "thanks for being so patient....for 15 years!" I think Utah atoned for the HUGE sin of booing Sunday Bloody Sunday. We are U2's most loyal fans.