Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dude, Happy Valentines Day/Anniversary.

Ode to My Favorite Dude

Michael, when I met you I liked how you dressed
Because you wore Carhartts and a train conducter shirt that was not pressed. I tried to flirt, but you had a girlfriend
Thanks to my feminine wiles, I won in the end.
Now things are going great,
And have been since our very first date.
When you took me sledding and we made Chinese food--
That was when I knew that I'd marry you, dude.
Five years later, here we are
Living in Tucson, with only one car.
But you ride your bike to the bus stop every day
So I don't have to get out of bed and help you get on your way.
And sometimes I act like a really big dork,
Dancing around the house, or singing loud, like Bjork.
But you take it in stride, like a good man should,
(I'd change if I could, you know I really would.)
We've watched "Gilmore Girls" seasons 1-5
And season 1 of "Lost" to keep the romance alive.
And it makes me real happy and tickles my bones
That your celebrity photo match is Tommy Lee Jones
Cause a long time ago, before I met you
I said I wouldn't mind camping with Tommy, it's true.
And now we go camping every once in a while, and you bring me hot chocolate
And that makes me smile.
So thanks for all the work you've done
In these five years of marriage that we've undergone.
You're funny and smart, and pretty humble, too.
And you are not afraid to play with Holden or watch Whinnie the Pooh.
You don't like nonsense, and you can fix anything
And I don't really care about a big diamond ring,
As long as you don't roll your eyes when I sing.
Which all of us know is not a pleasant thing.
Here's to Michael, my little Chinaphile,
I'm glad that we've been married for this long while.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad your feminine wiles caught you such a great husband. Especially one who can fix things! Bonus!


  2. Happy Valentine's/Anniversary, Hoss!

    You've come along way since the Roses are Reds.

  3. I love you too. Thanks for such a great together.