Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Top Ten Phrases Overheard While Mike and Carly Watch The Olympics

10. "So, do you think the dudes who get to wear regular snowpants tease the dudes who have to wear those skin tight leotard suity things? Cause I bet that's all they talk about."

9. "Ouch! I hurt my ankle trying to do an axel!!"

8. "I can't stand this media manipulation! I am never watching this again."

7. "That crazy Apollo Anton Ohno! Is he more Apollo Creed or more Yoko Ono?"

6. "That SO could have been me out there!"

5. "So much of the winter Olympics is about being able to squat low for long periods of time. Sure, they call it a 'tuck' but we know better. They should stop calling it the 'Winter Games' and start calling it the 'Squat-athon.'"

4. "Hey, check out this sweet jeep I found online."

3. "What sport do you think Bono would want to watch the most?"

2. "PLEASE turn off ice dancing!"

1. "Do you think Bono is there?"


  1. Here's one...
    Hey where did Brody go? Is he still around?

  2. Or how about "things aren't BODING well for Bode Miller' hahaha.

  3. A kid in our ward - maybe a year old or so - is named Bode after Bode Miller. I ran into his mom at costco and she told me he was named for him. I wonder if they will want to change his name now.

  4. You know, Matt keeps telling me that Apollo Ohno is only popular because of his goatee (or, as I once said, goateef). We also think that Bode Miller is grody. Just kidding. I can't help but feel a bit bad for him. That's why low expectations sometimes are the best, right?

    And yes, Carly, that SO could have been you out there.

  5. Mostly I just hear Neil yelling "Crash!" or "Fall!" during figure skating.

  6. Who the heck is Bode? I was looking for Brody. Just goes to show you how much attention I pay to these Olympics.

    My family does love them, we watch every night religiously. Yet when you stop to think about them, the untold billions of dollars spent on the games, counting new stadiums and arenas. The years upon years of lives wasted(maybe to harsh) for a game or sport. Not to mention the injuries, family sacrifice and disappointments. Makes you think about the priorities of mankind.

  7. I'm with you, Skewedview. Why even try when they only give out three medals? Then again, "why try?" is my personal motto for, mmm, just about everything.

    Robyn, actually, it was Mike the former champion skier who said that SO could have been him out there. Hahahaha.

  8. We had an entire high councilman talk on Sunday about the Olympics. Entire. Specifically about Lindsey Jacobellis and how she lost her focus and lost the race. I'm still not sure about the gospel application.

  9. You jest, Courtney, but I'll take the compliment and run with it. Carly, let me introduce you to your sister's (Kacy) friend's (Chris) sister, Courtney. I'm the one who doesn't belong here.

    (But I love to make new friends. . .)

  10. I can't believe there wasn't even ONE comment about the men's figure skating outfits. I mean, it's a joke...right?

  11. Oh, yes, Suzie Petunia, those costumes ARE a joke. But Mike can't be in the room while men's ice skating is on. It makes him very uncomfortable, much like watching female body builders makes me uncomfortable. So we never watched it together.

  12. AMEN to #2. I really do think that ice dancing is simply figure skating "dummied down". It's for figure skating dropouts. I MAYBE could take them seriously if they didn't dress like the hoochie girls who do regular ballroom dancing. What's with all the brown knit designed to look like flesh? Too much of it is used in ice dancing. Too much.

    And Suzue Petunia has it right about the men's figure skating outfits. They have become a bit more, hmmm, drag queenish now that it is socially acceptable to be gay. Not that all men figure skaters are gay but the ones who are don't even try to hide it anymore with their purple voile bat wings under their arms and excesive hoop earings. Puh-lease.