Saturday, February 3, 2007

I'm Dreaming of Nick Arrojo

I have been obsessed with haircuts and my hair and my lack of style more so than usual lately. Marcy Dibbleblotts can attest that all I talk about ALL day on googletalk is my hair. Philosophical questions such as "bangs or no bangs?" "layers, or no layers?" "how short can I go without a huge backlash of regret?" have been passed back and forth for weeks now. It's gotten so bad that I am having dreams in which Nick Arrojo

and I are eating lunch together and discussing my hair. Unfortunately right as he is starting to give me advice on my hair, I wake up. For those of you who do not watch TLC's "What Not To Wear," Nick is this genius stylist who works miracles with women who think that long stringy hair is their only option. He even gives cuts that are "wash and go," and that don't require a flat iron to look good. He really CARES about people's lifestyles and goals. I have loved him and wanted him to cut my hair for a long time, but a visit to his studio costs $400. What can I say? It would be worth it, if I could scrounge up the extra money and buy a plane ticket, get a babysitter for the kids, etc. etc.

So I did the next best thing and found pictures of haircuts on his website. And I found my holy grail. It's messy, it's layered, it doesn't require a flat iron, or even a hair dryer, and it seems like my awful twisty cowlick would blend right in! (See sidebar photo). Now the trick is to find a salon in Tucson that will understand the cut and not make me look like I have a mullet. I wonder how bad the backlash of regret will be when I cut it? Stay tuned.


  1. No matter what cut I get, within a month I rejoin the long stringy hair club. Sometimes you can't fight genetics.

    That said, this would be a great cut on you. :)

  2. I've been checking your blog through some chain of connections- 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon type thing. Very entertaining blog! I love the show What Not to Wear. Most of Nick's cuts I like, but I don't think he bats 1000. There have been a couple where I was like "Eech!" right along with the poor fashion victim. Good luck. I hope you find someone equally as talented in Tucon.

  3. I love that haircut. Plus I can easily picture it on you. I have entered a ponytail vortex. I say you definitely go for that cut.

  4. Nick Arrojo needs to go! He is a one trick pony that only wants to cut every womans hair short. I would say he only gives about 25% of the women he does on the show a look that really looks good on them.