Friday, March 30, 2007

Home, Family, and Personal En-RIBMEAT, Please

I have to preface this blog with a blanket statement of appreciation for all the women who work tirelessly on enrichment committees all over the world. I would never want your job. I would never want to, say, fashion biblical terra cotta oil lamps for every woman in the ward. So this is not really meant to be a criticism of you. My real beef is with the LACK of beef at all of these women's functions. There seems to be a world-wide belief that when women get together, they prefer to eat "a light dinner"-- three words that I have come to loathe and dread over the years. Why do people assume that women want to eat a skiff of salad, a quarter cup of soup, a lonely, butterless roll? We keep getting told over and over again that we women should not be so hard on ourselves. Cut ourselves some slack, love ourselves for who we are. This is a good message. It would be even better if it were served up with a big steak and baked potato instead of rabbit food. Just once I would love to bring home a flyer for an enrichment meeting that says "a rack of ribs and half a chicken will be provided for each sister" instead of the usual "child care and a light meal will be provided." Is that so much to ask???

Before I go, here's a little London teaser:
Not only did I see the queen and Sienna Miller on the same day, I also got a chance to meet:


  1. ha ha ha - I wonder how many women THAT would bring to Enrichment?!

  2. . . . with a side of smashed potatoes and thick, lumpy gravy. Now that's a church I could join.

  3. Hey this is Rob Holmes. I found your blog linked off of Times and Seasons several months ago. This stuff is hilarious (I would expect nothing less).

    Okay, the real reason I'm posting a comment. I got an e-mail about our 10 year reunion. Matt D'Haenans (sp?) is trying to round up contact information for everyone in our class. If you want me to forward it to you just e-mail me at rob.a.holmes at

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I've had the exact same thought! Since generally, food is used to entice attendance so give us some burgers! steaks! forget the fancy centerpieces. My last 2 RS activities we have been served: (1) an asian chicken salad & (2) a measley thin piece of pork. We need a movement to start The Refreshment Committee and we can be co-chairs.

  5. You guys need to move to my ward! There are two factors that have led to hearty, satisfying enrichment fare:

    1. I am in the south. Even in my swanky ward the sisters still like to throw down beefy meals. It's what the south is about. I mean, if you go to McDonald's the menu says you can have your chicken "grilled" or "southern style". ("Southern style" means fried.)

    2. Our ward has a Spanish twig (as I call it) in it. There's nothing "light" in Hispanic cuisine. It's nice.

    Just thought I'd brag.

  6. You and James look hot together.

  7. Are you sure those "Lite fare" courses aren't served just so there is room for the fancy triple-decker fudge and marshmellow creme cake dripping in strawberry fruit glaze, desert?

  8. I just attended a Stake Enrichment that was really great, but . . . they served a "light meal"! I spent all of my time dreaming about 1/2 a chicken and ribs. I'm afraid you have ruined the "light meal" concept for me, for good! One bright note on the war against fruit and veggie platters, our own RS fixed lasagna when the Stake requested a "light meal" after our ward conference. Our RS Pres. said it was easier to fix lasagna than a "light meal"!