Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Farewell, Tucson

Always true to our never-in-one-place-longer-than-two-years philosophy, we are moving away from Tucson. We weren't going to, but then Mike got into this advanced Chinese program in Taiwan--the Harvard of the Orient, if you will--and then we realized that we would have to pay for the program--3200 dollars per two month term, if you want to know--so we figured we'd better bite the bullet and move in with my parents for a few extra months so we can save money. Thus, our brief summer in Utah has turned into a long summer, fall, and part of winter. Am I glad to be in Utah again, where there are 4 REAL seasons and fall leaves? Yes. Am I glad to be away from the searing heat of Tucson and the inconvenience (long commutes, cost of living, a backyard full of dirt) of life there? Yes. Will I even miss Tucson? YES! It's hard to believe, but I feel very mournful and nostalgic about my time in Tucson and am not really ready to leave good old Starfall Place. Not to mention Basha's--Vic, that means you, you big, crazy, wonderful man. It's odd that I went from HATING Tucson and all things desert-related to actually shedding tears of sadness at saying goodbye to the saguaro cactus in our front yard. I will miss you, Tucson. I don't know if you've seen the last of Carly Paul.


  1. You left Tu-CSON too SOON. Right? Who's with me? Slap it high.

  2. It's amazing how even though you think you will hate a place, you grow to love it eventually. I'm glad that you like Tucson. :)

  3. I only stayed in Tucson for a week for a conference, but I loved it far more than I should have. It was only 109 degrees there, not too shabby for July, and a ton of fun. El Charro Cafe had the best tres leches cake. Every time I get to Phoenix, I take the 1.5 hour detour down there to remenisce.