Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting Closer to Being Italian

Neil recently admitted to wishing he were Italian. I couldn't agree more with Neil. Being Italian would be sweet. I'd love to be like Cher in Moonstruck. Or like Connie (only WAY cooler, less whiny, and more of a sport) in the Godfather movies. Having taken 2 years worth of Italian classes at BYU and planned countless trips to Italy that never came to fruition, I have sort of given up on wanting to become Italian. I thought I had gone as far as I could go. Little did I know that my love of all things Italian would somehow be transferred through my amniotic fluid to Hazel. Look at how my little Italianophile is trying to look like Luigi:

Mama Mia!


  1. More posts about amniotic fluid, please.

  2. Sorry I said amniotic fluid. I know you are squeamish about perfectly natural, if not beautifully life-preserving, fluids.

  3. Neil and Marcy:
    You are a match made in heaven

  4. I love this baby. I love her more now that she is Italian. And I think she's starting to even like me a little.