Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Would You Vote on my New Poll, Already? (and other important notices)

I am having a hard time getting people to notice my polls. I mean, the last poll ended up with, what, 9 votes, but three of those votes were me, sneaking and voting on a different computer--incidentally, I really DO plan to become less materialistic, and I will probably NEVER like my hair for longer than two weeks. Anyway, vote. This poll is even bigger and better than the last one and it was inspired by a Travel Channel show in which a man by the last name of Zimmern goes to strange countries and eats gross body parts of animals. Last night he happened to be in Taiwan. I don't know why the folks at Travel Channel think that we Americans like to watch a portly, bald man take bites of gross food and then react to them--"the consistency is so sinewy!"--but, for some reason it is fascinating! And now I can't wait to eat black chicken meat and fried bees.

In other news, tomorrow is national talk like a pirate day. I am SO DOWN for that. Too bad it's not a day that I teach, but it is a day that I take 5-7 10-11-year-old-girls to a hair salon for styling tips. That is the PERFECT opportunity to try out my "yarg!"

Also, I just feel that I need to announce that when I say such things as "who likes to rock the party," "this rocks my world/the house," "it was freakin amazing/awesome" etc. I am using those expressions in IRONY. I do not really talk like that in real life. Those are my blog persona phrases. In real life I am much more refined and dignified--think Queen of England. Have I ruined the illusion? If so, remember this: even the Queen of England has to go #2. Poo is the great equalizer (expression used in irony to mock Oprah who I hate so freakin' much). So, never be intimidated by either my blog persona or my real life persona.

So, to sum up: vote, talk like a pirate, and assume that all statements that you think are stupid are made in irony, and that the author realizes the possible stupidiy associated with such statements.


  1. I think your polls are freakin' amazing, Yarg!

  2. Isn't it funny how different we become when getting behind our blog face? How many of us really write like we talk? Funny.

    I noticed the other day when listening to my youngest (16) converse with her mom and I. She is SO a Valley Girl. Every other word seemed to be "Like". Language is funny.

  3. I think it is quite possible that I am equally lame in both real life and blog life talking.

    At least I'm consistent.

    I'm not sure I would like fried bees.

  4. Ah Oprah. I have an Oprah blog story that I should post.

  5. Alright, alright, I guess I'll give in and actually vote on someone's poll, but only because you reminded me about "Talk like a Pirate day" and that made me laugh and think of Dave Barry.

  6. I just discovered your blog today. So fun! And I love your poll. I voted for Ewan McGregor.
    Where do you find the polls?

  7. Erinannie,
    First of all, I love your name. Second of all, I love that you love my poll, and thank you for voting for Ewan. That must mean that you think of me as Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. Ha. Third, to find the poll option you have to go to the layout page and polls are a new page element you can add. That is if you have upgraded to the fancy new version of blogger.