Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blook Blub is Up and Running

Due to the overwhelming outpour of requests to start a book club (what's that I hear? I hear people wanting something....oh, yes, ME!!), Kacy and I have started a little blook blub. It's an attempt to soothe our injurred blegos, and improve our blog blaffic. It's also a good way to discuss blooks with all the nice bliends we've made on the blog. Please see my sidebar for a link. I think we'll just post our ideas about the blook, and then participants can comment. But it also might include a podcast, so you can have 24-hour access to Kacy's and my voice (I say voice in the singular because we sound exactly the same). There will also be a chance for peeps to suggest a blook, but please see the official blook blub manifesto for rules. Thank you, and happy bleading.


  1. I will be finding this book this weekend. You are awesome.

  2. I started reading it because of all of the comments on a previous blog. I hate to say that by halfway through I had no desire to finish it. Perhaps this puts me in the "older" generation. Not a fun notion.