Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Massive Head Wound Holdie

Holden got his first CAT scan today. I'm sure it's just the first of many glorious trips to the emergency room for him. Hopefully the next ones will take place in our homeland, so it's easier to communicate with doctors and nurses, and where they actually provide people with hand soap in the public bathrooms. But whatever....

Mike got home on Saturday night and this morning we were all very happy, having just extended our visas (60 more days, 60 more days!) and having just learned that our baby is a girl (Eliza, Ruby, Anna, or Lucy???) We were even planning to take off for Kenting tomorrow, which has been called the "Hawaii of Taiwan." But this morning Holden decided to put a blanket over his head and run as fast as he could at our very sharp and lethal door handle. He hit his head hard. We're talking blood on his hat hard. We thought it would be okay. Head wounds usually look worse than they are.

Then the vomiting started. His eyes were droopy. He said he felt "weird" and that his jaw hurt, so we took him to the hospital. He got stiches and lots of x rays and a CAT scan and luckily everything looks okay. But he couldn't keep any food or water down. We stayed at the hospital till after 5:00pm, when Mike convinced the doctor that Holden might be more comfortable at home. I don't usually go against what the doctor thinks, but since I didn't know what the heck anyone was saying, I was sort of out of the picture. Anyway, Holden is home and hasn't thrown up in a while. He has a bandage on the side of his head, and nifty custom-made hairnet to keep the bandage from slipping. He has assured me that he can "still think," and has already asked for bacon, so at least I know his personality is intact.

Blog soon to follow about how I kind of hate my OB/GYN and how I madly LOVE the newest Rocky movie (please see poll).

P.S. the entire hospital visit, including the CAT scan and medicine, etc., cost a little less than $300, which is amazing considering that we had to pay for the whole thing ourselves. What a deal! I mean if you are going to get a head wound, Taiwan is the place to do it, man.


  1. Yes, a new Taiwan post--although the impetus is unfortunate. Where is the head wound picture? Sounds like he got a concussion based on the vomiting (I got one of those at a sleepover up at David McKinnon's cabin in 7th grade. I ralphed all over their kitchen floor.)

    I've always been a fan of Lucy and the others sound good too. Congratulations.

  2. ouch, poor Holdie. He'll have great battle stories for later. "One time when I was in Taiwan, having been forced to go by my parents..."

  3. oh no! Poor guy. Concussions are no fun. and poor you!!

  4. Poor holdie. Please have him dictate his own hilarious description of the event on his own blog.

    Rocky Balboa, I'm ashamed to say, was my first Rocky and I loved it. I have now seen #1 and #2. What you may not know is that Rambo is currently out in theaters here. What will aging Sly remake next?

    PLUS, a 4th Indiana Jones comes out in May. These dudes never quit.

  5. ...because running around with a blanket on your head is soooo much fun!! I'm glad Holden is ok. btw what about Emma for the name of your girl?lol!! Couldn't help it!! Your names all sound good. Glad that everything is going ok with the baby. Cami

  6. Another frightening/horrible experience for your mother merit badges. Actual merit badges will probably be your next frightening/horrible experience. "How about a ROUND of applause for Holden's Mom!"

  7. Holden just takes after his Uncle Dave. I had a couple concussions in the kindergarden and 1st grade time frame. I didn't throw up so I just had to sleep it off. Besides, no such thing as CAT scans in those days. Never a dull moment! DMP

  8. Oh my goodness. I agree with Kacy. There's nothing left to challenge you but boy scouts. You can do it!

    I hope he's recovering nicely!

  9. Poor Holden. I hope he's alright now. I have yet to see the Rocky movies (I know, I'm ashamed), but am now very inclined after reading your post. Tell Holden Savannah still talks about him and wants to go to Taiwan to visit him.