Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Some Thoughts

In Smashgfunk style, I would like to share some of my most recent thoughts with you.

1. I have never looked more disgusting in my life. First of all, my hair is like a cross between Mike Teavee's mom's in the first Willy Wonka movie and Florence Henderson's in the later episodes of the Brady Bunch. In a word: MUSHROOM. I would have long since fixed this problem, but after seeing my husband's and son's haircuts, I am completely terrified to get a haircut in Taiwan. So every day I look like Carol Brady. Plus, the only pants that fit me right now are elastic-waisted lounge pants. I wander around our little town wearing black lounge pants and a black sweatshirt and either bright white socks or purple chenille slipper socks that shouldn't be worn with shoes. I am usually muttering to myself and eating grape flavored mentos. Plus, my eyes have been really irritated here so I have to wear my glasses, which are too small for my enlarged face.

2. I am having a second girl. This is lucky because I have so many girl names to choose from. This is also sad because Holden will probably never have a brother who he will be super close to because if I have a fourth child, Holden will probably be at least 8 or 9 years older than he/she. Then again, Holden will have two adoring younger sisters and his own bedroom as he grows up. It's a toss up.

3. I hate my OBGYN because: he wears skin-tight turtlenecks and has long flowing hair, he conducts office visits at a desk, he flies through ultrasounds with a complete lack of ceremony or acknowledgment that it might be a big moment for me, he cares more about the fetus than he does about my pregnancy complaints (he never says "how are you feeling?" he only asks if there are problems, and when I tell him my problems, he interrupts to remind me to monitor fetal movement every day. HELLO!?), and I think people bring him gifts when they visit him because he has TONS of shopping bags piled all around his office. Am I supposed to be giving him gifts too? Oh, and he has about ten different models and posters of the reproductive organs of a woman on display in his office.

4. Holden got his stitches out today, and it hurt a lot more than I told him it would. I guess I don't remember stitch removal being particularly painful. This entire experience has made me a believer in socialized medical care. I know this is a controversial statement and that a lot of people will be enraged at the idea, but I still believe in it and like it. I also believe in/like mini croissants at the hospital bakery and have gone through several dozen this past week.

5. I have finally reached the "Acceptance" phase of living in a foreign country. "Acceptance" comes right after "Would Cut Off Major Limb to Get on Next Plane Home" and right before "Counting Down to Leaving." Perhaps some of you who went on missions may be familiar with these phases, but only those of you who never used the word "awesome" on your mission. There may not be very many of you out there.

6. I am almost caught up on the new season of Lost and have so many questions and so many conflicting feelings (who is better? Sawyer, Jack, Sayid, Charlie? Then there's DESMOND! Who to love the most??). I keep wondering why nobody kills Ben when they have the chance. How many dang times is he going to almost get killed!?

7. Am I NORMALLY this tired when I'm pregnant? Cause I can't remember feeling this tired in a LONG time. My only motivation for getting out of bed at all is the possibility of coercing Holden to go back to the hospital with me for some delicious mini croissants.

8. I have never and will never blog about a beautiful craft I made. I also will never make a beautiful craft. Does this make me a bad person?

9. Hazel has been saying that she misses people recently. "I miss Abby." "I miss Daddy," etc. But in the last couple of days she has been adding the word "much" to the end of the sentence. "I miss Abby much," she tells me. I have never, ever, EVER said that I miss anybody "much." But Janet Jackson has, and we recently heard her song "I Miss U Much." I don't know exactly where we heard it. Was it TGI Fridays? The grocery store? I don't know. All I know is, that HAS to be where Hazel got the idea to say that she misses her daddy "much." Normally I think it is an annoying and babyish thing to say--when Janet Jackson sings it--, but when Hazel says it, it's so freakin cute I can hardly stand it. SHOULD I invest in a Janet Jackson greatest hits CD?


  1. Frozen cacti, I'm glad to hear from you. I lost your blog and have been wondering how you've been! I will not only be commenting on your blog, but I will also be ordering one of everything that you are going to sell on Etsy.

    Smash, thanks for the blog idea and for not being mad that I stole it. I see your hair in pictures, and it looks cute and I'm jealous. But thanks for the sympathy.

    Sorro, you are so right. What was I thinking?? I need to start playing some good music for Hazel to counteract the effect of Janet Jackson on her impressionable mind.

  2. When Max had his stitches in his chin out I was petrified that it was going to be really painful, but he didn't seem to feel it at all--so it must have something to do with stitch location or something?
    And lost is the best. Sometimes I can't stop thinking about it.
    And if it's only mini croissants that get you out of bed in the AM it's ok. At least you're getting up!
    Baby steps....

  3. Carly, I love reading your blog. You can always make me smile after a long day. Although it does make me a little jealous - wanting to be able to write like you can. Keep it up! I check your blog often, and often need a smile at the end of the day too. :)

  4. Desmond is my least favorite character on Lost. I appreciate his importance in furthering the plot, but I am always disappointed in the Desmond-centric episodes. I don't care if he has an accent. He bugs.

  5. If getting the stitches out hurt then socialized medicine sucks. I have had a few sets of stitches and you don' feel a thing getting them out. Much to my suprise getting stainless steel pins out of a finger doesn't hurt at all either. Was it pain or fear?

    Glad to see you are putting a happy face on things. DMP

  6. DMP, I knew I couldn't get away with saying anything positive about socialized medicine.Try being a college student and having to fork out over 4000 dollars per semester to buy health insurance for a family of 4, and then still not getting prescription coverage and having to pay a huge copay every time you see the doctor. Not that I am bitter.... I think it was mainly fear that made Holden so upset about the stitches. You are the expert on stitch removal, with your track record, so I will defer to you.

    Marcy, I'm surprised that I could love Desmond so much and you could hate him. I thought we were the same. I am so disillusioned. What I wanna know is, if he's so prophetic, why doesn't he know about the people on the boat that isn't Penny's???

  7. If we are ranked by "craftiness" in this life, then I am toast! So far, I have skated by on my other accomplishments, and merely act aloof when the words "great craft" come up in conversation.

  8. I love the latest episodes of Desmond! I won't spoil them for you, but if you love Desmond, you have a real treat waiting for you in the future.

    Nothing is tired like pregnancy tired. When I was pregnant I loved mini crossaints too, especially when they're microwaved for 12 seconds with swiss cheese on them.

  9. The thing about Sayid is that he has the best judgment on the island. He's always right.

    I've noticed that some crafty bloggers make crafts JUST to blog about them. Whatever.

    I miss Hazel much. I also think JJ"s greatest hits are respectable.