Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 13: More Sickness, and Pics Around the House

Coke, lemonade, chocolate ice cream, and physical force: none of them is particularly effective in getting Hazel to take her meds. Now, if they made pacifier medicine dispensers......

Since we aren't leaving the house because of sickness and because of unearthly humidity and heat

(This is what Holden was compelled to do after a short trip out for mango slushies). That's a fan, by the way.

I decided to take some interior photos for you all to see what life is like for us here in Taiwan. Please keep in mind that because we are all sick and exhausted, things are a little messy.

My favorite feature of our apartment is the location of the bathroom. You see, it is RIGHT NEXT to the dining area. But there is this clever little sliding mirror that you can close to conceal it.

What is that famous saying? Don't poop where you eat? Well, codswallop, says I!

Another great thing about our apartment is the kitchen, or should I say, crawl space with a two burner stove?

Yep, this is where the magic happens (and by "magic, I DO NOT mean that magic elves do our dishes and take out our trash for us while we sleep. What I DO mean is that this is where I make bacon and eggs).

Adjacent to the kitchen is our little porch, where we do our laundry.

We have no drier, so the view of our porch is obscured by the clothes.

We did manage to get to the first floor patio area yesterday and today. It's quite nice, and has interesting statues of sea turtles and a lovely fountain.

So, this is just a taste of apartment life in Taiwan. It's actually not bad. I miss ovens, though. I really, really, really miss ovens. And driers.


  1. Yay! Pictures! Thanks for listening to my plea. Your kitchen looks about as small as the one we had in Sweden (I'm feeling for ya). I missed having an oven too.

    How bad can Taiwan be if you have access to pearls, Cheez-its, Saltines, Jade, and bacon? What more do you need? Are you taking orders for jewlery before you leave?

  2. I bet you miss ovens, man that's messed up! And I feel your pain with dryers, when I lived in Austria for the summer there were no driers. Everything just feels so nasty when it's air dried!
    I hope Hazel feels better, poor little thing! (and everybody else too)

  3. This apt is bringing back memories of my BYU life. Remember the bathroom off my kitchen when I lived with Mel B at the Pimpin' Palace? And our crawlspace kitchen at Wedgewood Down...