Sunday, April 6, 2008

Days 16, 15, and 14: Sickness Strikes, We Take No Pictures, and Happy Birthday to Mike!

We all have colds, so the last two or three days have been even less eventful than a trip to KFC. Hazel has an ear infection--any advice for getting a 2 year old to take gross antibiotics? I don't have a medicine dropper thingy, so I can't just hold her down and squirt it in. She's already knocked it out of my hand once today.... So, I will post photos when there's actually a photo worth taking (i.e., one in which we are not all dripping in thick, pink goo). Fortunately, this is the first time we've gotten sick since we arrived in Taiwan. Unfortunately, it happened to occur on Mike's birthday. So much for all our plans! Thus, in lieu of a party or a fun dinner out, I have composed a top ten list of Mike's best qualities. Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Top Ten Reasons I am Glad Mike Was Born

10. Even though he can't name 4 main characters on "Facts of Life," he CAN fix any problem with any car at any time, and in any place.

9. He doesn't care if he ever owns a cashmere sweater (I, on the other hand.....)

8. He actually feels guilty if he ever--once in a blue moon--has a lazy day.

7. He likes China, but he's not like a freak about it or something. Yeah.

6. He is not afraid to change gross diapers, give baths, administer medication, rub neosporin onto open wounds, tweeze slivers, cut toenails, and deal with dead mice, but he hates to touch dirty dishes.

5. He still thinks it's funny to say "pull my finger" and he also says it in Chinese (see #7).

4. He does not care about the current status of the Jolie-Pitts.

3. He won't wear polo shirts.

2. He considers his feet to be his most attractive feature (even though he has many very attractive features).

1. He still likes me after all these years, which means he is extremely forgiving and patient and that he has impeccable taste.

Happy birthday to Mike!!


  1. We like all those things about Michael and many more! Have a great Birthday and good talking to you yesterday.

    The mother of the Paul clan.

  2. Medicine tricks! Well Trey never will take medicine either. He always throws up, which makes me go crazy but I finally decided to give him a 1/2 starburst and he starts eating it and then I give him the medicine and give him the other 1/2 with a swig of water. That way it doesn't taste so bad. Good luck. Its never fun being sick!

  3. Happy Birthday Mike. He is pretty cool. We miss you guys!!

    So where are the pictures from the party? We'd love to know what an aprtment in Taiwan looks like...oh and what about the fully loaded amenities? (Theater, game room, pool, etc.)We'd love to see pics of those. Obviously I'm not letting you off the hook! A lot of the pictures I took were not taken on the day I posted them, by the way.

    I always use candy as a bribe for taking medicine. Sorry you are all sick :(

  4. Hang in there! We had one child that would not take medicine at all and it finally came down to (no pun intended) suppositories. Ick.
    On a lighter note - we think Michael is great too!

  5. The list title could be edited with David's name--well except for the Chinese part. But the guns/knives at any time or any place would work too!!

    Clayton wouldn't take icky pink meds, and he did get better...

  6. You got me, Frozen Cacti. I was being lazy. There are plenty of things to see in our apartment (like the bathroom that is right next to our dining room). I'll get on the trolley and start taking some pics.