Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Thirty Now

So, today I turned thirty. I guess I should be all reflective and pensive and somber and full of thought about what I've done with my life and what I wish to continue to do with my life. In reality, I am just trying to figure out how I can get my hands on a chocodile. But, in the interest of posterity, here is a list of things I either have done or would like to do now that I am thirty.

1. Get masters degree (have done)

2. Get PhD (wish to do)

3. Write best-selling novel under the pen name "Pippy McSqueaker" (wish to do)

4. Have three kids (have done)

5. Be DONE having kids (???????)

6. Look people in the eye when I meet them for the first time, shake their hands firmly, and state my full name really confidently, like this: "Carly Paul, how the hell are you?" (wish to do)

7. Live in foreign land (have done)

8. Live in London while writing best selling novel under the pen name "Pippy McSqueaker" (wish to do).

9. Find opportunity to say "I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it" in normal conversation (wish to do)

10. Find opportunity to use the word "gauche" appropriately in normal conversation (have done)

11. Walk into movie theater, buy large popcorn with extra butter, then walk out without seeing a movie (have done)

12. Punch someone in the face (wish to do)

13. Have someone write a touching tribute to me on their blog (wish to do)

14. Visit the home town of Vlad Dracula (wish to do)

15. Visit Alcatraz (have done)

16. Sit in the Senate bathtub in the basement of the capital building in Washington DC (have done)

17. See U2 in concert 4 times (have done)

18. See Bob Dylan in concert (have done)

19. See the White Stripes or the Raconteurs in concert (wish to do)

20. Exercise regularly in a non-obnoxious and unassuming way and genuinely enjoy it (wish to do).

Happy birthday to me. I ordered some shoes and a sweater from Old Navy as a gift to myself. Mike bought me a hat rack and rocking chair and took me out for my traditional hunk of birthday meat. Snakerivermama took me out to lunch and is feeding me dinner, as well; my mom gave me another set of Fiesta ware, my dad gave me a Pottery Barn gift card, my mother in law is sending something from Land's End, Hoss is sending something that I'm sure will be cute and charming, Kacy sent me a Stendig calendar, Holden brought me breakfast in bed. So....what are YOU doing for me?


  1. I say cross of the "wish to dos" and coast for the next 50 years. Why the hell not?

  2. Wait, I thought that a friendly birthday chat first thing in the day on your birthday (have done) was enough.

    Happy birthday and congratulations on such an accomplished life.

  3. Google chats most DEFINITELY do count as something. I am not so shallow as to believe that all my friends and acquaintances owe me gifts (but is a "donate" button on my blog too....gauche?)

  4. In honor of your birthday I would like to:
    1. eat 3 cupcakes (have done)
    2. take a shower (wish to do)

  5. I'm saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to you. For your birthday. I know it's the most exciting thing ever, right?

  6. Happy Birthday!

    And I need you to email me I wanted to send you something that I found that made me think of you, but I don't know where to send it.

  7. Sending my birthday wishes to join all of the others! 30 isn't so bad, but it is kind of sad to quit the 20s. Glad you received lots of great gifts and birthday wishes.

  8. Happy Birthday. I ate three doughnuts in one sitting to celebrate.

  9. On my to-do list: Be as cool as Carly or at least try (never gonna happen). Happy 30!! I had 12 diet cokes in your honor today!!

  10. Hey, Happy Birthday! I would send you something super cool---like a plastic tiara with flashing lights---except I have no address for you. Buy, hey, it's the thought that counts, right? Hope you had a great day and good luck with that list!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! I think you'll enjoy your thirties more than your twenties. At least I hope you will.

    I hope you had a satisfying day.

  12. Happy Late Birthday. Funny blog. That's a compliment.

  13. Happy Birthday!!! And really, 30 is like the new 21...or something.

    Anyway, 30 ain't bad!!

    Have a wonderful birthday week!

  14. Darling, I have so missed you and wondered where you have been!!! As I read your blog, it brings back such wonderful memories of how much I LOVE YOU!! Drop me a line at I would love to catch up :)

  15. I know I will never have your gift with words, so please accept my most humble attempt to complete #13!