Saturday, October 25, 2008

The British Reality Invasion

I've noticed lately that we Americans don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to raising our children, running salons, and owning successful restaurants. That's why we rely on mean, outspoken, potty-mouthed, sharply dressed British people to come and whip us into shape. You know who I'm talking about:

(To be fair, Supernanny does NOT have a potty mouth, and I really like her. But still, she is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is type like the other two).

Honestly, what has happened to us? After all our founding fathers sacrificed to get us some freedom from these people, we are just welcoming them with open arms to come into our homes and places of business and boss us around. And who are THEY? Just because they have accents does NOT make them any smarter than us. Didn't we establish this back in 1776? So what if we Americans want to spank our children, refuse to listen to our clients' hair requests, and serve leftovers at our restaurants? That's our right. We claimed it when we declared independence.

Let's take back our tv! Let's dump that English shampoo into the Boston harbor! Let's take those chore charts from Supernanny and burn them! Let's tell Gordon Ramsey to take his fancy mushroom truffles and shove 'em someplace where the sun don't shine! Let's tell them that they can't tread on the sacred right of Americans to ruin their kids' lives, cut ugly hair, and serve mediocre food. Because we're Americans, and that's what we like to do.


  1. AMEN. I especially hate the potty mouthedness.

  2. Yes, the Brits are bossy....but I don't think I could get through the day without my regular dose of The Daily Mail, my favorite British mid-brow tattler. Check it out online--it is Absolutely Fabulous. (Just like Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders.) Ah, the Daily Mail. I pretend that I care about Gordon Brown and the yob culture, but really I'm just there for the gossip and the adorable British phraseology-- it's not drunk driving but drink driving, and you don't put on ten pounds, but nearly a stone. It's great. How else would I know who Agyness Deyn is?
    ps that cake from last post was awesome.

  3. I've heard that they are saying the same things over on the other side of the pond....damn Yanks ruining the world economy.

    I guess I'll cancel that call to supernanny.

  4. While Ramsay swears like a sailor, I can't get enough of Kitchen Nightmares. You can tell that he really cares about the restaurants he's trying to help, usually more than the people he's helping.

  5. It is the PC nation. Instead of calling a turd a turd they want to have a nice name. Sometimes most-times things need to be spoken honestly and often times bluntly. Making everything nice and cushy just makes it worse.

    Blog about your gimp husband. I want to see pictures. DMP

  6. You are right, Carly. We don't need Brits to whip us into shape! We have our own Richard Simmons and Dr. Phils. Let's stop outsourcing our self-help. And if it takes a british accent to do the job, Madonna's is fairly passable. Viva Americana!

  7. I group Simon Cowell with the others. Although I guess he earns some props for being the first British person to become popular by being mean. Although I usually find his comments, uh . . . what's the term? Ah yes, spot on.