Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately--not just from blogging, but from pretty much everything: cleaning, cooking, teaching... You see, I've been sick for a week and Ruby has also chosen to stop sleeping at night. Try getting up with a baby every two hours when you are supposed to be enjoying a Nyquil-induced coma. It's not easy. So that is one reason why I haven't blogged. I'm in total minimum maintenance mode. For some people min. maint. mode means only sweeping the floor, doing the dishes, and making the beds. For me it means: NOTHING. It occurred to me today that when Holden left for school I was lying in bed and when he came home from school I was also lying in bed. I mean, a few things happened in between, but do they really matter? What I did between 8:05 am and 2:35 pm really only involves Diet Coke and Dove Promises. That's. About. It.

Another reason why I haven't been blogging is that I'm a newspaper man now. Yes, I write for the Rexburg Standard Journal. I've had two opinion pieces published and let me tell you, even though they are getting more money from my subscription than they are paying me to write, it's a heady experience, my friends. Heady. It also has helped me discover that I can't blog and and write thought-provoking opinion pieces at the same time. I'm just not that much of a multi-tasker. Clearly I have some tough choices to make.

It's sort of like choosing between this:

And this:
Tune in to see what I will choose.


  1. See, ya gotta be quick--that's how it's gonna go down with the paper, see.

  2. I read your article and I loved it! VERY clever~! And that's saying something, because I read most everything on the computer, so it has to be really engaging for me to read something on dirty, blurry "newsprint." It's so cool that you write for the paper!

  3. I just been waiting for you to be a newspaper columnist. How can I access the column? I can see you in syndication, writing humorous, "this is life" pieces.

  4. Finally got into the right place on the computer and read your Feb. 11 piece. Keeping chocolate in a bowl for the whole month of Feb. is a cool idea but the bowl would always be empty at my house. DMP had the right idea - blog your newpaper pieces also then we can all enjoy! Otherwise I may have to subscribe to the Rexburg paper so I won't miss an article.
    I'm sure the paper readership has gone up since you are contributing!

  5. Sorry, you can't be a newspapper man. You can't pass the physical.

    Love your article. We got the second one but still can't get to the first one.

  6. Yeah, what Julie said. Where are the links?