Monday, February 23, 2009

Picture Princess Contest

Meet Hazel, age three:

Her interests include dressing up, twirling, watching Seinfeld, "making up shows" with her toy animals, taking care of her baby chicks, and playing "princess and the pea." Hazel loves posing for pictures, too, as long as there is a crown and a beautiful dress involved. Her signature color is pink, but she would look great in "Vineyard" from Shabby Baby. You can see this dress at
little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby.


  1. Definitely a winner.. we miss you Hazel! btw, I love that vineyard dress, too

  2. That's truley a princess!! Love you Hazel.

  3. she's so cute! I miss you guys a lot.

  4. GET IT ON MY FRIEND HAZEL! the two year-old demanded as I tried to peruse the rest of your blog . . .