Monday, June 1, 2009

I Went on the Slip and Slide in my Bathing Suit (and other goings on): a photo essay

Hazel, post dance performance.
Holden, as the Candlestick Maker in his first grade play, "Three of a Kind."
Hazel, wearing my shirt for a nightgown and eating something she probably shouldn't be eating, like ice cream for breakfast.
Ruby and me at the Snake River.
My three kids frolicking at the Holden, Utah cemetery. There is no better place for frolicking.
Holden keeping Ruby still during Hazel's dance performance.
Ruby finally pulling herself up, only to be thwarted by the gate.
"Carhart Man."
One of the many moods of Hazel.
Ruby is still in her good-natured phase. I hope it lasts.
Ruby paying homage to her ancestors, Wells and Ramona Kenney.

And, finally, me on the slip and slide in my bathing suit:


  1. Hey, better than the slip and slide naked.

  2. It's always fun to see pictures of your kids. Hazel looks so grown up! Hoping we can see you guys this summer.

  3. I wish I looked that good on the slip-n-slide!

  4. That 4-5 foot stretch of grass after the slip and slide scares me. I hate grass in my suit.

  5. Holden looks convincing as candlestick maker.

  6. It has been over 15 days. You can post something now.