Friday, July 3, 2009

Eggstra Eggstra!

Last night while I was sweating in the kitchen trying to make popcorn on the stove and cookies in the oven at the same time, Mike knocked on the window and showed me this:

At first I was all "how did he find a fake egg in the backyard?" Then I realized it was our FIRST EGG! You know, eggs: the whole reason why we decided to get chickens in the first place. I had sort of forgotten about eggs, because the chickens themselves are so delightful. But this made our whole day. Me and the kids squealed with joy, which in turn woke Ruby up and caused a bit of a meltdown. But the egg is all the matters. The egg is ALL!


  1. Wow, Congratulations!! It really is eggs-iting when they finally start laying! Our babies should start laying soon.

  2. I have egg envy. My Mike thinks I'm nuts, but I really want chickens too.

  3. It seems that the chicken came exactly seven months before the egg. So I guess that answers one of life's major questions.