Friday, September 4, 2009

This Here's My Pad

I know you all want to see pics of my immaculate house, right? But I have resisted the urge to post them because I really don't want to make you all jealous. Then my friend Melissa kept bugging me and bugging me about seeing my house, so here are a couple of rooms. I will show the rest in installments so as not to overwhelm you with my cleverness and cuteness. So, here goes nothin:
We'll start in the girls' room. This is Ruby's crib and a giant bookshelf that is usually messier than this. Notice the poster taped to the wall. I got tired of waiting around for a frame, so I just stuck it up there. Classy.
Here is Hazel's bed. Notice the embroidery hoops with fabric in them. I stole that idea from Kacy. Also observe the "valence" that I made out of an old tablecloth my Grandma made.
This is my dining room wall and my collection of mirrors. I need to add some more.
This here's the dining room where Ma and Pa chow down. I have a black stool that matches the white one, but it is being used outside on a project. See my canning jars on the counter? I'm so awesome.
This is an old clock that I love but that doesn't work. Once we plugged it in and sparks came shooting out of it!
This is the cluttered table to the left of my fireplace. Notice how cleverly I hide my ugly phone and modem with a stack of antique books! You can't even see the tangle of cords underneath, can you?
This is my mantle. Right now I don't know what the heck I'm doing with it. I have a collection of glass jars in the window, and there appears to be some sort of a bird, pottery,and walmart candles theme going on. Whatev.
Here are the curtains I made all by myself. Can you see the strings and crookedness? Neither can I. They are a light yellow and forest green toile.
Here is the entryway and Hazel. And my cluttered magazine stand.
Here is the hat rack that Mike got me for my birthday last year. It holds an antique purse, hat, and two hats from Taiwan. Don't they go together well?
This is a chair my sister Erin gave me, along with my collection of old aprons and a white tool box thingy that I love but don't know what to do with. Maybe I will take up knitting just so I can store my yarn in it?
This is a hutch I got off Craig's list. Right now it has some of my pitchers and Fiestaware on it.
Notice the laundry baskets and luggage that I am storing for someone because I am so nice, and because they were too heavy to carry down to the basement.
This here's the couch that has pen, candle wax, and some unidentifiable stains on it. I made the polka dot pillows myself! Hanging above the couch is Mike's painting of Lehi's dream that he got on his mission.

Well, that's all for today--mainly because the rest of my house is in such a horrid state of clutter. When I get that cleaned up, you can see the rest. In the mean time, I really hope you don't feel too bad about your own houses. I'm sure some day yours will look as good as mine. (PS, sorry about the crookedness and blurriness of the pics. I think the camera gets like that when it has low batteries or something. Whatev.


  1. After reading your comments about blogs (which I found rather entertaining and quite accurate) I think it's funny that you posted pictures of your cute house. Anyway, I have always liked your style. Simple. Classy. Comfortable.

  2. I had hoped that my obvious sarcasm and cluttered-ness would make up for any appearance of showing off. Oh well. I am still and will always be a slouchy mom.

  3. Thank you! I'm so glad to finally be able to see your crib. I love all of it as I have told you in detail already.

    I have taken a few pointers from you since I hide our modem with a washcloth.

  4. Love the photos of your house and love your style!! I wouldn't dare take a photo of any room in my house is a disaster!!

    I have to tell you something cool. My brother and his wife just had a baby 2 weeks ago and they named her Ruby Jane! What is even cooler is that Hazel and Emmaline were some of her top names too!! Small world.

    Miss you!

  5. I really like the fabric in embroidery frames. I think you've inspired me.

  6. I like your style. You've given me some good ideas.