Tuesday, March 2, 2010

At Home With Carly

I call this one "caught in the act." As you can clearly see, I am eating some sort of delicious dessert, and you can also see the effect of that dessert on my stomach. Hello!
Who needs a snuggie?
This is me from my kids' perspective.
This is my "I'm not amused" face.
Here I am in a frightening close up. What am I doing? Typing on the 'puter.


  1. Oh, to be home with Carly enjoying giant cereal.

  2. This is you from my perspective as well.

  3. Awesome Carly. I have about a billion pictures of my torso from my son's perspective. They drive me nuts.

  4. I've been waiting for this one. Loved it.
    P.S. What stomach?! You must be joking!

  5. You must have been eating stomach shrinking dessert.

  6. I like your hair long. It looks so nice. And I do not see any effects of dessert on that flat little stomach. Nice try. :)