Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I Hate

I hate the term "random" used for EVERYTHING. When someone describes something as "random" it seems like the lazy way to do it. The easy way out. Come up with a more clear and descriptive way to talk about events, people. Random is so nineties!

I hate those tin stars that people hang on the outside of their houses. In and of themselves, they are cute and charming. Here in Idaho, they are ubiquitous. They are EVERYWHERE. On EVERY house--even on apartment buildings. They look like an attempt to update outdated houses.

I hate it when I write something for the paper, it gets all blown out of proportion, and then I receive a lot of nasty emails full of really nasty, untrue, and ridiculous accusations.

I hate it when the newspaper editor has to write a formal apology for the things I write in the newspaper.

I hate the intolerance for different ideas that seems to be a part of Rexburg culture. I love Rexburg and always will, but this newspaper thing has left me a little jaded.

I hate snow in April.

I hate blogs that make me feel like a loser.

I hate maroon and it's more sophisticated cousin, burgundy.

I hate home decor that is pretending to be country and old fashioned but really isn't.

I hate plaques that say "and all because two people fell in love..."

I hate rabbits.

I hate lava rock used in home construction.

I hate making breakfast.

I hate "Friends." I know how controversial that will sound, but I really do. It used to be funny, but then Ross and Rachel got together and broke up etc. Boring. Contrived. Stupid. Let's have a baby and never ever ever be around her or show her at all!

I hate Oprah.

I hate misunderstandings caused by people's inability to decipher a sarcastic tone.

I hate the unnaturally high prices at Anthropologie and the way we all buy into it because it seems unique. Anthropologie is the new Pottery Barn.

I hate it when I ruin bed by lying in it to watch TV for hours before I go to sleep and then I can't sleep because I've been in bed too long.

I hate Frank Burns.

And I REALLY hate those people who are just negative and hateful all the time. Sheesh. Jerks!


  1. I totally hate "all because two people fell in love" too! Serious hatred

  2. I think I hate all the same things you do, except I'm neutral on rabbits, and I may hate Rexburg. How do I read your controversial column because I really want to, and I promise I won't think or email anything nasty or untrue.

  3. You made my day. Thanks for hating all the right things. I'm sorry for the onery people in Rexburg - I think you are fabulous and wish you wrote for a paper down here!

  4. I love your "hate list." I pretty much concur with all of them. I hate Oprah most of all.

  5. Wow, your list is so random!


    Sorry. I couldn't resist.

  6. Rexburg is full of Mormons and Mormons don't have a very good sense of humor. Uppity Mormons in Rexburg have a really bad sense of humor...

    I kind of wondered how your humor was handled in that town.

    Love ya.

    Oprah bites. Hate is a very strong word.

  7. I too LOVE this hate list. I've often wondered how Rexburg would handle your refreshing and honest look at life. Do I have to live there to be able to read your column?

    I hate the very over used phrase "at the end of the day..."

    Oprah is the devil:

  8. Sorry, I love burgundy and maroon. Can't help it. Just close your eyes when you come to my house. On a decorating note - I don't. Not very creative, I'm afraid. One of these days we'll make it to your house for a visit and I'll cheer you up by being jealous of all your cute decorating.