Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello, My Dears!

As you are all aware, I lead a charmed and sophisticated life. Sometimes I am just bursting with so much adorable charm and sophistication that I think I might explode. One day I said to myself, "why, Carly, you should be SHARING all this charm and sophistication with the world!" So that is what I have done in this blog post. Here are just a few adorably charming and sophisticated things I have been into recently. Please enjoy:

Snyders of Hanover milk chocolate pretzel dips: they take a humble whole grain pretzel and cover it in none other than Hersheys chocolate. The result is very sophisticated. Note: this is a seasonal item, so stock up while you can.

Scrubbing Bubbles: Oh my gosh! These are taking the stains and rings off my bath tub without any scrubbing on my part at all. I spray after every bath now. The result is a charming white foam that disappears a little while later and reveals a new absence of dirt and grime.

Original Ricola Cough Drops: Make sure to get the brownish square original flavored ones. They leave a nice herby film all over your mouth and will burn your tongue and throat if you leave them in there all night. In the morning, you will feel this dull sensation where you used to have taste buds. No taste buds=fewer cravings=less eating=losing weight. Charming, indeed!

Ped Liner: Ever feel ashamed to take off your shoes because you are wearing ballet flats with no socks and your shoes and feet really, really, stink? Well, these sophisticated and attractive ped liners--formerly known in my mind as "non-socks"--will keep that stinky feet smell at bay while allowing you to wear the latest fashionable footwear. How cool is that?

Chocodiles: The lesser known of the Hostess snacks, the chocodile is not sold at any old convenience store you see. You have to do some serious searching, but it's worth it. Look around: you won't find a snack cake composed of yellow sponge, luscious white cream, and thin chocolate glaze anywhere else but in the chocodile. I may just order two boxes (assuming my sense of taste returns).

That's all for now, darlings. I'm sure there will be more charming and sophisticated things soon. Until then,


  1. Do you think it's ok for peds to show? I don't but I see a lot of them and life would be easier if I didn't have to worry about my peds showing.

  2. I hate it when I fall asleep with cough drops in my mouth. Somehow I feel better knowing I'm not the only one.

  3. Very charming and sophisticated, indeed. Puts my recent interests of cooking and cleaning to shame. :( We could use a little more charming and sophisticated around here!