Monday, March 14, 2011

"I Went Home and Died!" An Excerpt From my Third Grade Journal

The following is a journal entry from 3rd grade. All spelling and grammatical errors and possible racist remarks have been left in for effect (remember, I was 9):

Well, it started out a normal day. I went to school, went to reading, went to writing, did PE, went to lunch, and went out for recess. I was playing "pop" and my side stated to hurt evry move. I had an accedent on a tree, see. I was climbing the rope, or hanging onto it just at the right time it broke, evry thing went blank, then I noticed I landed on a log on my side. [Back to the swing situation] I got off the swing and didn't see where I was going and.....BANG i hit Debbie, a girl I hate!! She didnt even care! I fell angry. cried a little and looked up, all theese feet and people looking over me, then someone picked meup, a hawaiian to be accact, and took me to the office. there I was, in a completely clean room, wich by they way smelled awful! so many people were hurt! Stetson was lying on the couch, people were coming in-and-out of there! getting bandadgis, ice, and many more! Here's the Ice Bag [empty ziplock bag still taped in journal.]

I went home and died!!!

This describes the day that my nemesis, Debbie T. kicked me in the head while she was swinging. Now that I am a grown up, I easily forget the drama that takes place in elementary school. I militantly pound the idea of being kind to everyone into Holden's little psyche every day. Then he goes to school and one of the adult recess duties calls him an idiot! I look through my journal from when I was Holden's same age, and read about all the people I hate (and even more boys that I love). The point is, there's a lot more going on in third grade than we think.

Tune in for my next third grade journal installment wherein I will reveal that my sister Heidi calls me fat and says I have bad teeth and my sister Kacy is pushy and bossy, but nice....most of the time.


  1. See what I mean? Bossy and pushy!

  2. I was totally mean to you when you were a kid. Then I tried to be really nice to you when you got into Junior High and High School. Kacy is bossy and pushy. I'm just mean. But I hope I am less mean to you now. I think you are skinny with beautiful teeth.

  3. So, who the heck was Debbie T.? How did you have a nemesis that I didn't know about? Or is this a code name? What kind of friend was I?

    Oh, and when you said, "Stetson was lying on the couch" I laughed out loud. My mind provided me a touching visual of little 3rd grade Stetson with the wind knocked out of him languishing on the couch.

    That's the year Stetson accidentally punched me in the face during the St. Patrick's day assembly. 3rd grade rocks!

  4. Debbie T was only in our school for one year--thanks heavens! I don't know why I had such strong feelings against her now. But at the time, she was bad news.

  5. This is fantastic stuff! Thanks for posting it. It is so interesting to go back and see what we were going through in elementary school. Looking forward to the next installment!

  6. This is an instant classic!

  7. Man, that's good stuff. I wrote a poem when I was 8 about a Turtle named Myrtle. Looks like we hit our peak about the same time.