Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mood Boosters

I wish I had the energy or desire to share this news with creativity and pizazz, but I don't, so here goes:

I've got a 13 week old bun in the oven.

We are super excited and everything. This has actually been sort of a long time coming, with a set-back or two along the way. So this is great news and I should be on cloud nine, right? Unfortunately, the day after I discovered I was pregnant, I plunged into a mild but unpleasant feeling of depression that has been hard to shake. I feel alternately spiritless and guilty for not being happier and more grateful. But, things are starting to look up as I near the end of the first trimester. Plus, I have discovered some real mood boosters to help me:

1. Jimmy Johns BLTs with no mayo. Did you know Jimmy Johns will deliver just one sandwich? I mean, it costs extra, but who cares when the idea of getting in the car and doing the drive through is more than one can handle?

2. Having good food delivered to my door.

3. The sound of birds chirping. I used to hate birds, I think, because they used to fly into my house, come into the basement where my childhood bedroom was, and flap around my head. Also, Juan R. once knocked on my door, and threw a bird into my house when I answered. Shudder....Not to mention "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock. But, the sound of birds chirping (safely outside and away from my head) really lifts my spirits.

4. Going outside also lifts my spirits, unless it starts to make me feel guilty and wistful about not planting a garden this year (we will be gone for almost all of August, okay?)

5. Glee. I started watching the first season on a whim the other day and I am hooked. Talk about a show I can't watch with Mike, though! I don't think he could handle the way they burst into song so much. But I love it.

6. Talking to Melissa and other friends/siblings on googletalk all day long.

7. Sitting on the couch all day, staring out the window (or talking on googletalk), and then spontaneously lying on the couch and falling asleep. Basically, I am just really into my couch lately.

8. Cadbury milk chocolate and roasted almond candy bars, blue twin pops, and red powerade.

9. I'd like to say "my children," but actually they do not usually boost my mood, except maybe when they say something funny, or bring me some water, and then go away for a while.

10. Reading blogs, with the following exceptions:
a.blogs written by super moms who talk about how awesome and "crazy busy" they are
b.blogs with self-indulgent "vlogs," and self-indulgent professional photographs of the blogger.
c.blogs with pictures of people's houses that look like the inside of an Anthropologie store
d.blogs that contain graphic birth stories. When did telling your "birth story" in lurid detail become a thing?
e.blogs with really poor grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
f.blogs about weight loss and exercise.

I guess I am just in a fragile emotional state right now, and these blogs really set me off, man.

We find out the gender on June 30th. The baby is due the week of Thanksgiving, thus dashing my hopes to participate in the Rexburg Turkey Choir. Maybe next year, Turkey Choir!

PS: don't waste money on an "Intelligender" test. You will be sorely tempted (unless you are one of those people who don't want to know the gender until the birth), but please mark my words: you won't learn anything new other than the fact that you are a sucker. Sadly, the fact that I am a sucker wasn't even news to me. So really, I lost $30 and I gained nothing. Don't do it.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I'm waiting for you on Googletalk right now. Where are you? Did you fall asleep on the couch with your mayoless BLT?

    I blame myself for your intelligender mishap. Sorry I talked you into getting it!

  2. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

  3. Yay, yay, yay! So happy for you!

  4. great news! and i'm with you on the blog reading criteria, and i'm not even pregnant! :)

  5. What about blogs which refuse to find out the gender of their babies or find out but refuse to tell you or eventually find out but refuse to tell the real name of the baby?

  6. No creativity or pizazz? I disagree.

    I love this post. And I think you are not only hilarious, but brave too. I'm not sure I've read such honest feelings about annoying blogs, or children not being mood boosters on a PUBLIC blog.

    GO CARLY! And congrats on #4. <--Another reason I consider you brave! :D

  7. Okay, I don't know you and I'm weirding myself out, but I just had to comment because I loved what you wrote about blogs and your kids. Those blogs you described send me into a deep depression, "they" live in a totally different universe from me. I literally laughed out loud at the kid thing, so glad someone else feels that way. anyway, thanks for the laugh and lack of guilt/depression. : )

  8. Just found your blog and love your posts. Congratulations on the baby! And I agree with Eliza... The kid thing was funny because it's the often unsaid truth. :)