Monday, June 6, 2011

Top Ten Rude Comments People Make When You Get a Haircut (and the appropriate responses)

10. OH! You cut your hair . . . (response: no, my son did it while I was sleeping! Can you believe it?)

9. You cut your hair . . . WOW (with raised eyebrows) (response: you're wearing socks with sandals . . . WOW)

8. Wow, I could never have my hair that short . . . but it's good on you. (response: I know! It must be a real challenge to have that kind of bone structure. Your style is so restricted!)

7. How did you ever have the courage to cut your hair? You are so brave. (response: yeah, those hair stylists are real bastards)

6. Look what you did to your hair! (touching it and looking mournful) (response: you can send your condolences to

5. Oh, good, you cut your hair. I never liked it the way it was before. (response: really? Well, as long as we are being honest, I never liked your ex husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, either!)

4. Your hair must be so easy to do now! (response: yeah, and combined with the sweatpants I plan on wearing every day, my "I give up" look is complete!)

3. Sometimes people don't say anything. This can only mean that they follow the old adage "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." However their pointed silence on the subject speaks VOLUMES more than an insincere "your hair looks nice" would. Just lie, people. It takes nothing away from you to give a compliment, even if it isn't 100% how you feel inside. God wants you to uplift people. (response: there is no response, only righteous indignation).

2. I prefer your sister/cousin/friend's hair cut. It has fewer layers in the back. (response: Really? Well, shoot. I prefer your sister/cousin/friend since she is actually a lot nicer than you.)

1. You chopped/butched your hair! (response: Oh, and you left your nice person words at home today, didn't you?)

I got a hair cut this weekend, and I love it. And I only got two comments from the list above (although I have experienced each one of them at other times). Picture soon to follow....


  1. This is why my hairstyle has been the same since 1988. I'm too scared of the backlash. I've liked every style of hair that you have ever had because you have the gone structure, except that one time Kacy and I cut it. That might have been extreme.

  2. OKAY, point well-taken! Chopped was inelegant . . . I knew it the moment it rolled off my tongue. But I love the trim either way and am still stewing over how i could get my hair to look that snappy and gorgeous. Sigh.

  3. AH! I promise I didn't write that with you in mind. In fact, I wrote this blog RIGHT before I came to your house yesterday, which is why it was so funny when you said it (I thought you had seen my blog and were teasing me). You didn't mean it rudely, I knew that. I didn't even think about the blog until late last night, when I started to panic, thinking you might see it and think I was referring to you. Sigh. I think I am the inelegant one here!

  4. I lie every day all the time in order to spare people's feelings. It's not that hard.

    I will like your hair and I will tell you the truth, in spite of what I just wrote about lying all the time.

  5. Looking forward to seeing a picture.

    I always liked how your hair looked, long or short. However, since you are the one who has to live with it my opinion doesn't really matter.