Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blogging: A Day in the Life

I thought I'd give you a run-down of what my daily blog-checking looks like:

Usually I like to start my day here. It's nice to get a hearty dose of reality, and this week has not disappointed: WHAT!? Slab pizza decided NOT to name a pizza after Cjane!?

Then, sticking with my theme of the Provo gliterati, I head over here. Shooh!! The Sweet Tooth Fairy still has a cupcake named after Nienie.

After getting my fix of Provo royalty, I check out this. Because in my mind, the intersection between motherhood and design is little more than the pattern left on my shirt after my baby throws up on me. So I need all the help I can get. In fact, I am considering a move to Europe as a publicity stunt for my blog and a way to improve my design aesthetic. Would that increase my number of comments????

After a healthy helping of painfully adorable, and woefully pricey design-y items, I like to read Kacy. Currently she has a rip-roaring discussion on Harry Potter going on. She's my go-to source for all things media and motherhood. In fact, you might say she blogs on the intersection of media and motherhood, which is an intersection I feel totally comfortable with. Two movies in row at the movie theater? 126 ounces of soda? I'm in.

At this point I am a little blogged out and am starting to feel bad about myself (I mean, I don't have any food named after me, nor do I live in a French cottage, nor do I get free movie tickets because I am a rad blogger. Booo!). So I take a break and check out the Garnet Hill sale of the day, or the Lands End overstock.

After my break I check out the eye candy at No Big Dill. She makes such pretty things. Sigh.

And you wonder why I have self-esteem issues! Better get some ice cream, lie in bed, and watch old episodes of Family Ties. Until tomorrow....


  1. Time to set up your Google Reader!

  2. I feel the same way about the provo royalty....and yet I still read them. I often find myself wondering, however, "Why don't I have a live-in photographer following me about capturing my fabulousness?" I promise you I have to remind myself from time to time that it is NOT NORMAL. It is very weird...the whole thing.
    Also, I get way more excited when you or Kacy pop to the top of my blogroll. So there's that.

  3. Blogs are dangerous things. I guess I'm part of the Arkansas glitterati. Nice.

  4. My day is exactly like yours except I get lost in West Jordan and have to pay for my own movie tickets. See? We're just like you.

  5. Bravo! Another Garnet Hill fan. Now I don't feel so alone in this world.

  6. Damn. So much style in one morning. I clicked on all your blogs and can't bear to go see my shlumpy house. No wonder you and your place are so stylin. No. You don't need blogs to do that.You just are. And, I missed you for crepes last night. They were so good. And, bc you care. My word verifcation to post this is 'nomalt.'

  7. Snakerivermama, I'm sorry I missed your awesome crepes. We made chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream for topping. I am starting to worry that all these fancy blogs represent the new "nomalt" and I will be left out in the abnomalt cold.