Monday, February 6, 2012

Agonizingly Painful--

--is the memory of me asking the Relief Society president to give me a high five on my way to the front of the room to teach the lesson yesterday. Why did I do that?? Was it to cover my nervousness? Show off? Hide my sweaty arm pits? Was it to be cute and clever-seeming to hide the fact that inside I was feeling ugly and dull? Whatever, I've just been cringing about it all day.

In other news, Wells sleeps in his crib now. His reflux is slightly more manageable. He sleeps from 7 to midnight almost every night. He sometimes goes down for a nap without crying. His weight has doubled since birth. I no longer feel the need to search on amazon for things like the Happi Tummi (herbal packet you heat in the microwave then strap to the baby's stomach), or the Windi

So that's something.


  1. Maybe the high five was simply euphoria about the more manageable reflux and the sleeping for 5 hours straight. With hard babies, I think any improvement is cause for a high five in church!

  2. Never regret requesting a high five and if anyone ever refuses, just high five a thousand angels instead.

  3. Is that like having five thousand candles in the wind?

  4. Congrats on the sleeping - you and Wells. Don't worry about the High 5. My question is, was she hip enough to know what to do about it?