Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vote for Carly's Hair Cut (No Rudeness, Please)

The following are three hair lengths I am considering. I chose unflattering pictures of myself--as if there are any other kind!--so as not to taint the results. This is me, at my worst, with short, medium, and long hair. Please vote on which you like best (without saying anything disparaging or rude), and please do not just vote for "long hair" or "short hair" in general. Vote for what looks best ON CARLY. Because this isn't a vote for a lifestyle, it's a vote for CARLY. Thank you and good luck.

 Here I am 9 months pregnant with short hair. Sorry I am far away, but you get the idea. It's a doozy, no?
 Here I am with long hair a couple of years ago. Mike and I tried for a picture of him dipping me while we engage in a passionate kiss. We also tried for one from far away and from behind with us walking in an apple orchard and holding hands. But none of those worked so we settled for this awkward one of us sitting on the same rock together. Because we're married, and we kinda like each other...
Postpartum wide load, anyone? Medium length/bob/whatever hair. Ruby was a mere one month old when this was taken so lay off, aiight?

So? Long, short, or bob? And, extra credit if you vote on which hair color is best: natural dishwater blonde (like in the bottom two pics) or enhanced lighter blonde (as in the top pic).  I don't envy you. I know how garsh-awful it is to look at that mug and make a hair decision every day. Good luck to you.


  1. So here are my votes....
    #1: Natural dishwater blonde
    #2: Something in between the medium and long look. *I know that wasn't an option, but I'm making it one.* Have it hit mid-neck, with some face framing layers, and possible long swept bangs.
    There's my two cents.

  2. Personally I like longer in the summer, since you can pull it back into ponytails, and do all kinds of pretty things with it. The first color just looks "fresh", if you can describe hair that way.

  3. Codi, I trust you because I remember you always looking impeccable. While we are at this, and you are a makeup guru, what do I do about makeup?

    Diana, I agree. It's nice to have the option of putting hair up. I wish I knew good, interesting things to do with it, like braids and buns. I usually just end up going the ponytail route. What do you do with yours?

  4. I'm not a girl, but I'll reply anyway. I'd say the lighter blond with the longer hair. Of course, it's what I'm used to from PHS, so who knows if that influenced it (the length, not the color...or at least that's how I remember it).

  5. I kinda agree with Zach and Codi. Between medium and long.

    BUT? If you don't agree with us not picking one of the pictures, I pick #3 with the medium hair.

  6. I would vote for short bob or medium length. I would go lighter for summer, and then go more natural around fall.

  7. Natural long or medium if my vote counts

  8. Did you cut your hair already? If not I vote for the way it is in the first pic, I think you look you look so good with your hair like that.