Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wells is Cute

Two posts in one day?! This one doesn't count because it's just pictures. Behold, Wells:
 I had to document this outfit since he is seconds away from outgrowing it.

 "He looks like a hot dog saler" said Hazel. What she meant was a person who sells hot dogs. Did the rolls of fat give him away?

 He has huge pudgy legs and teeny tiny little feet. Just like his momma (sans bunions).
 I think he looks the most like Hazel.
 Things got a little crazy up in that photo shoot.
Feedin' time!


  1. This is a cute, cute baby. He seems amazingly pleasant as well.

  2. This is so weird because generally Wells looks exactly like Mike to me but I think these pictures look like my baby pictures.

  3. I think they look like your baby pics, too! I've thought about that a lot.

  4. Wow...what a cutie! He already smiles and flirts with the camera,nice job mama :)

  5. He is so precious. He looks so different and has gotten so big!
    Ben has super long feet and this creepy old lady at church kept rubbing them on Sunday and whispering "Look at these big feet. That's because you're going to be a man someday. Yes, you are going to be a man! Look at those feet. Yes, You will be a man!" I was all, "We're out of here lady!"

  6. Ew. That is gross and upsetting.