Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sometimes I Do Things: A Photo Essay

 Sometimes I leave the house with Wells.
 Sometimes I curl pay to have someone curl Hazel's hair.
 Sometimes I pretend I'm fun and throw birthday parties with ring pops.
 Sometimes I carry a desk using only my body to hold it up.
 Sometimes I make heart-shaped pizza on Valentines Day.
 Sometimes I put things in my fridge and look at my chore chart.
 Sometimes I wear a hoodie in the kitchen!
Sometimes I make it look like I've thrown a macho man mustache-themed party for my baby by holding up a candy mustache in front of his face and taking a picture while wearing a band aid over the thumb on which I sometimes pick at the cuticles until they bleed. 

Don't feel bad. I only do things sometimes.


  1. You actually look really good stuck in that desk. It becomes you.

  2. So now I feel like a loser who never does anything. :) Thanks a lot! haha By the way, Wells is super cute. And your home looks really nice, I like your paint. You are a good decorator.