Monday, September 10, 2012

Ode to Food

O food! I have no idea where I'd be
Without you sitting in my tummy.
I'm tired of the bad rap you get,
When everybody needs you, why do they fret?
Gluten, sugar, meat, and dairy,
Peanuts, syrup, eggs cooked airy:
Are these things bad? I don't want to believe it. *
Food,  I am your greatest advocate.

Roasted beef and mashed potatoes,
Bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes,
Steak and shrimp, and vegetables, too:
I don't discriminate ('less it's cheese in blue).

Whoever said eating chocolate's a sin
Obviously never drank a gin.
And please lay off those of us who eat
A moderate amount of meat.
We are not evil, we are not bad.
The Lord invented the fatted calf!

Food! I give you to my kids,
And then they grow and can open lids.
We sit around the dinner table,
Enjoying meals and telling fables.
Eating delicious chicken pot pie,
Looking each other in the eye.

Food makes that happen.
Food makes that fun.

So let's hear it for food, everyone! 

*Unless you are allergic, obviously. 

1 comment:

  1. What if you're allergic?

    This reminds me of Bread and Jam for Frances.