Wednesday, January 12, 2005


So there I was soaking in the tub, reading up on the latest products offered by the Pottery Barn catalogue, and Mike pokes his head in the door and says "how do you spell crack?" You can imagine that this was disturbing to me on several levels:

a) Mike had been writing a response for one of his BYU professors and was posting it on Blackboard for all to see. I was hoping, praying, that he hadn't made some joke about smoking crack, i.e., "those authors must have been smoking crack when they wrote this chapter!" I obviously hoped he wasn't using the word to describe any part of the human body, as well. It just seems that the word crack doesn't belong anywhere on a BYU Blackboard website. Mike is funny, and a little unexpected (he played "hard to get" when trying to get hired at the MTC, for heaven's sake. No one I know would play "hard to get" with the Missionary Training Center. You're supposed to be grateful for the opportunity to even apply for a job, right?) So I had good reason to be worred.

b) I was also worried about his inability to spell such a simple word. I mean, how else can you spell crack? Krack, krak, crac, ckrack, craque, cryack? I mean, really, he's not the best speller in the world, but CRACK?


  1. itl. The other day instead of reading the word congas, Camelio Estevez kept saying Con Gas. I did something similar with a word that I can't remember now--and that is driving me bonks b/c I really wanted to write it here--nevertheless, we did both know the real words, I think we had just been smoking a little too much kraque at the time.

  2. Hahaha, yes, moist would have been worse. To be honest, I never really found out why he wanted to use the word crack. I gave him such a hard time about not knowing how to spell it that he never answered when I asked why he was using it. Maybe we'll never know...

  3. Laughing so hard I'm crying.

    Crack, no matter the usage, is always funny.