Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Handicapped Hand

When I was little I used to pretend to do commercials in my kitchen. I'd do commercials for grape juice, or cinnamon toast. Chocolate pudding. Recipe books. Etc. Well, one of my favorite commercials to do was an INFOmerical for "Handicapped Hand." (It really must be said that this was before the time when people determined that "disabled" was the more politically correct term, or I would never have used the word "handicapped." I am very sensitive to these things.) Anyway, Handicapped Hand was nothing more than a simple pair of tongs that I felt were an ingenious tool for people suffering from severe arthritis, or some sort of hand-related impairment. I would do demonstrations, ask people from the audience to come on stage, and sing a little theme song at the end: "Handicapped, handicapped, handicapped--hand!"

I had put Handicapped Hand behind me until two days ago, when my 3-year-old got out a spatula and said "look, it's the handy-dandy grabber!" He stared going around grabbing stuff, and talking about how amazing his invention was. It was as if he were doing a commercial of his own. It's times like these--and the fact that he won't wear anything but sweat pants--that really show me how similar we are, for better or for worse.


  1. I hope Holden makes home videos as funny as yours. I don't recall the Handicapped Hand one. But I will never forget the bacon commercial.

  2. Wait, if Marcy remembers these then how little were you? Like college days?

  3. Rebecca,
    I wasn't there for the making, just viewed years later. Thank GOODNESS she kept them.

  4. I LOVE my house we did cooking shows where we would get out a million bowls and put ingredients in each one and talk the "audience" through the recipie. We also played restaurant a lot. This was due to the fact that my mother, who was tired of moving every three years, stopped cooking in 1988... Did someone say you video taped these? Lucky!