Sunday, January 2, 2005

A Shocking Discovery

After watching it on Christmas day, I learned that I have been wrong about The Sound of Music all these years:

1. Captain Von Trapp IS as handsome as everybody kept telling me.

2. That short 'do is actually quite flattering on Maria (though I'll always love Julie Andrews the most in Mary Poppins).

3. The kids really ARE delightful.

4. And so are the songs!

5. "I am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen" really ISN'T the blow to feminism that I once thought it was.

6. And had I ever sat through the whole thing to the ending, I would have discovered that the punk who sings that song ends up being a coward and a villain. Would that I had known!

7. Curtains really DO make great play outfits.

8. Nuns CAN be mischevious and fun!

9. Captain Von Trapp is REALLY, REALLY handsome!

10. Cheesy musicals really ARE where it's at!


  1. Next time you watch the movie, look closely at the end of "Something Good," Maria and the Captain's duet in the gazebo. They kiss, and the shadows make them look like aliens. I'm not kidding. It always spooked me when I was a little kid watching the movie.

    P.S. I agree with you about the Captain. A very handsome man, despite the shadow alien head.

  2. I wish I were at home right now so I could watch it. This post has gotten me in the mood. I have always loved the Captain but am still not a fan of Maria's hair.

    I am v. interested in seeing this alien part in "Something Good"...I also find the part after "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" when Liesl raises her arms and squeals "Whee!!" to be upsetting and almost demonic.

    Remember when the Captain and Maria dance and the Baroness tells her she was blushing...well how could she not? that parts make ME blush.

    I learned nuns can be mischievous and fun while in Connecticut with my nun aunt. She had a few beers and is a riot.

  3. Captian Von Trapp... Ohh pitter patter pitter patter.

  4. O Captain, my captain!

    Doesn't Max look like Richard Dawson who hosted Family Fued?

    Julie Andrews has never had a good hair day in her life. She should have been wigged in every project she was involved in.

    Of course cheesy musicals are where it's at.

  5. When I die, I fear it will be said of me: "She should have been wigged in every project she was ever involved in."

    I will be LMBO all day over that. Adam, whoever you are, thank you.

  6. I agree about the demonic wheee. She looks like she's missing a tooth, or four. Those dang gazebo shadows play some scary tricks.