Monday, January 24, 2005

This Just In!

I think I may have procured some memory foam, and I did it without having to eat cheddar cheese. My husband is right in the middle of recording data for his thesis. He's trying to find someone to transcribe all the tapes when he is done. Can you see where this is going? I think you can. Did I offer to transcribe the tapes in exchange for memory foam? Yes. Do I know how to do it? No. Do I know Chinese (which half the tapes consist of)? No. Will I learn it for the memory foam? Yes. Will it be easier and more convenient than eating cheddar cheese in the long run? Yes. That's how much I hate the stuff. Would I do it without compensation, you know, just to help out? Hmmmmmm.....Will Mike be reading this blog tonight? Then, yes, I would do it just to help out. The memory foam is simply a fringe benefit.


  1. What's so bad about cheddar cheese? Sure, it's not the best, and I probably wouldn't eat a big CHUNK of it or anything--but maybe for some free memory foam. If I wanted memory foam. Which I haven't decided yet. I know very little about it, save Kacy's testimonials. I'm pretty sure I don't want, because I move around a lot in my sleep and it might confuse the memory foam. But that's a good thing, because now I don't have to eat cheddar cheese. Not that anyone ever offered me the trade. But if they did, I probably wouldn't. Maybe a slice.

  2. I love to eat large chunks of sharp cheddar cheese while lounging on my memory foam bed (Tempurpedic...I'd do an infomercial for free for them.) Can't get enough.

    No, seriously, it was the best $ we ever spent (on the memory cheddar cheese foam...mmmm).

  3. Did Marcy just call Mike an MF? Who does she think she is? I mean sure it is a little mean to insist that you eat cheddar cheese for some memory foam, but he really isn't an MF. Tightwad, yes. MF, no way.