Monday, June 20, 2005

Carly Here....I've Got Nothing to Say

My latest baby girl name is Matilda. I know, I know...but remember the book "Matilda" by Roald Dahl? Although now that I have Mother-in-law approval, Sophia/e is now higher on my list. What to do what to do? I'll tell you what I have done: buy adorable baby girl clothes.

Other things I have done today include
1. shopping for maternity dresses online and ordering two dresses
2. going to the mall
3. eating at chick fil a
4. attending the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works
5. eating a slice of swedish apple pie left over from last night
6. building a fort in our living room with Holden
7. iming with Marcy Dibbleblotts

You may have already figured out from this list that Mike is out of town. Usually the first place I go when he leaves the city limits is Chick fil a. It's a good place to go to drown my sorrows in deep fried fat. Mike will be gone for a week doing work in Oregon--or, if you are a stalker/rapist: Mike will be home all week, but he will be in the adjoining weight room/target practice area, bulking up and working on his aim (not that he needs to, big hulking sportsman that he is).

If you feel sorry for me because I am alone, you should. And you should stop by or invite me out. Or offer to babysit for me.

So, here's another serious problem: I will be in Oregon on July 16th--the day Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is released; the day I should be getting my pre-ordered-since-January copy in the mail in PROVO. What should I do? I could just buy a second copy in Oregon. Or I could have my mom fly out to visit me at the beach, book in tow. We could have fun while she visits, too--as long as I get to read my book.

If you have solutions to any of the above problems, please let me know.


  1. Side note: I think that Seamus Finnigan is the half blood prince. Remember when he's telling everyone that his dad's a muggle and his mum's a witch?

  2. Momma: Matilda is cute.
    Remember how you used to build forts with me and now you build them with Holden. Of course the TV had to be inside our fort and was supported in the middle by the broom. Robyn, I'm sorry if I offended you regarding a certain something during your visit in our fort (I have a picture of you inside) and if you don't remember what I'm talking about...even better.
    And I'm glad you revisited Bath & Body Works...I went the v. night you told me about it.

  3. I LOVE Matilda. The book is fine but The Professional is even better. Come build a fort at my house, if you like. Except there are probably more sex offenders in my neighborhood than you would feel comfortable with.

  4. Matilda is beautiful. And I don't think I have a chick fil a in Oregon which suddenly makes me feel very sad. No Sonic either. sigh

    I'm home alone tonight too and hating it.

    OK, about Roald Dahl. We just read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Waverly and are now half way through The Glass Elevator. I always wondered why they ended the original movie where they did...until I read The Glass Elevator. Now I KNOW why they didn't include that half of the story.

  5. love Love LOVE Matilda although I am partial to the M-A-T-H-I-L-D-A spelling of Mathilda. Never hurts to have the word "math" in your name if you are an Oscarson, which you are not, but maybe you too have some numerical difficulties.

    If I had a daughter named Mathilda, I would call her Tilly, because as you know, I like pet names. And I like "The Professional" which is where I started liking the name Mathilda. Thank you, Luc Besson. Thank you.

    And why don't we nab your sister and go have Chick-Fil-A in the park? I'm SO down with waffle fries.

    And Suzie, you've got NOTHING to complain've got Burgerville for crying out loud. Carly, have you been to Bugerville? Are you SO PSYCHED that you are going to Oregon and can have their shakes and fries?

  6. I don't know if I like Mathilda, but I do like the nickname Mattie.

    I have the same conundrum as you in the Harry Potter department. Last year I actually hung out at the Barnes and Noble until after midnight to get my copy and read it within 24 hours.

    This time... I'll be in Orlando. There will be no time for Harry Potter and I weep inside knowing this.

  7. I like Matilda (any way you spell it), although I must admit, whenever I hear the name I get a picture in my mind of little Matilda standing on the living room coffee table, shades drawn, dancing to the loud stereo music, giggling and laughing, arms waving as the playing cards whirl around her in the air. I do love that movie!

    Here are a couple of names that I got shot down on when we compromised and decided on "Hillary" (NO not the Clinton!!!!). Leslie and Molly. I love those names. You know, now that I think about it, it appears that most of the names I prefer end with the "eeee" sound.
    Go figure.

    Good luck on your deliberation, as long as you both like it. Just don't make it some wierd concocted name that sounds like you could be infected by it or poor it out of a medicine bottle.

  8. Just don't name her Camille. It has really be a thorn in my side all my life. Since I go by Cami everyone tells me what a great name Camille is...Try it on as an 8 or 9-year old!!! Congrats on Mike being out of town (I like having a break occasionally) and on the baby being a girl!! Are you dreaming in frothy pink? I guess we'd better hook up at Burgerville when you're out here!

  9. Thank you all for your outpouring of input and invitations to hang out. Carrie Ann: I am in, ALL IN for a chick fil a in the park fest.
    Cami: yes, am totally dreaming in frothy pink
    Kaycee: I think I am just going to bite the bullet and buy me a second copy of HP while in Oregon.

  10. Can you NOT change the "send to" address on the book? This could be classified as an emergency, no? "I'm sorry...I'm traveling...YOU MUST SEND THE BOOK TO ME THERE!"

    Play the PREGO-card...that just might work...

  11. I have thought of that extensively, JP. But the place I will be staying has no mail. It's on the beach. So I think I'ma just buy me a second copy. It never hurts to have two copies of Harry Potter (in case you need to loan one to somebody). Thanks for the tip.