Monday, June 13, 2005

It's Laryngotracheitis. . . And A GIRL!

So, after reading the tenant reviews on all the Tucson apartments that I thought were "fancy," (and discovering that "random murders," "rapes," "domestic violence," "drunken rages," and "daughters being choked by bad kids" are a package deal with "spacious floorplans," and "beautiful grounds"), I went to see the doctor. Turns out I have laryngotracheitis--or what the "old-timers" used to call "non-smoker's bronchitis." Apparently it comes from living in a dry climate with a high altitude. I'm not even supposed to go outside!(Note to self: begin planning a trip to Italy "for my health" in manner of Elizabeth Barrett Browning).

Then, after listening to the doctor try to explain how it's better to supress a reaction cough and make my cough more deliberate (what the ....?) I saw the other doctor for my 20 week ultrasound. (Back up a bit and insert a trip to Burger Supreme for halibut fish and chips between the two visits). And yes, the baby is a girl. This is very exciting on a couple of levels: 1. I wanted a girl. 2. I had a bet with Mike and I WON--this means I may be able to get a fancy rocker-recliner to replace his blue armchair. One can only hope...

So now I am sittin' here at the 'puter, eating moldy cherries and spitting the pits into an empty popsicle wrapper (dreaming of the all-you-can-eat-buffet I visited this weekend, at which I ate both bacon AND prime rib in one sitting) and wondering about some possible girl names. Fans, I would like your input, but only if you have good taste (which you MUST have, if you read this blog). And if you don't like any of the names I will list here, then please don't suggest something trendy, like Micaela or McKenzie, etc. Here are a few of the names I am considering:

Elizabeth (to be called Libby)
Catherine (Cate, must be with a "C" for ancestral reasons).

I rather like old fashioned names that are slightly unique, but not made-up sounding (like Lafawnda).

So, I'm off to take some medicine for my smoker's bronchitis--I mean NON smokers...


  1. aaaaaahhhhh (to be sung).

    You know my vote is Annabel.

    Cletis, good job on the bet. Mike, good job on the X chromosome.

    I'm glad you finally went to the doctor. I was getting worr.

  2. oh yes--and GJ on the PR and bacon. yum. please take me to this buffet as soon as possible.

  3. Congratulations! On the girl, not on your non-smoker's bronchitis. So, how long have you had laryngotacheitis? I'm guessing since about 9th grade.

    Now you'll at least have one boy and one girl. Nice. Anyway, I say this as our baby is late, late, and late. It's funny that we still don't know what we're having and now you guys and Jana and Jon know what they're having...a boy. Maddie is devastated.

    You know if this baby ever comes and is a girl to boot we'll be naming her Katherine (Kate). So my vote is Catherine or Elizabeth, for crime filled yet quaint Elizabeth New Jersey.

  4. Rober,
    I was beginning to wonder if you'd had the ol' whippersnapper. How late are we talking, here? And tell Jana congrats.

  5. Wonderful news. Baby girl. I must say I am kind of partial to the girls. Heaven knows I have my share. If you ever need any advise, I share freely.

    In order to get the whole effect, you must let us know the choice of the entire names and as you did for some names, tell us how you will call the baby. It will make a difference if you call her Annabell Leigh, Phoebe Snow, Libby Laine, etc.
    My choice of first only names is Sophie. Not because it has been used in our family, but because it sounds sweet and innocent.

    Good luck deciding.

  6. Neil,
    I would only name the baby Seven if her cheeks had a pinkish hue. You need to tell me more details about great great sister-wife Phoebe.

  7. Most of what I know about Great-Grandma Phoebe I learned from Cousin Georgia. She told me the Elizabeth side of the family looked down on Phoebe just a little bit. Perhaps because she was younger and more attractive than the mannish Elizabeth? Cousin Georgia will clarify if asked.

  8. Congrats! Girls names are so fun to pick out...and I love your short list. If (that is a big "IF") I ever have another girl I want to name her Alice (my husband's grandmother's name). Using family names is a great idea on many levels. Especially useful in situations where you tell a stranger the baby's name, they have a slightly adverse reaction...and you quickly follow up with "It is a family name..." as if you had nothing to say in the matter.

    Those fish and chips from Burger Supreme are pretty good, huh?

  9. I, too, have been aflicted with the bronchitis as a 15 year old and while I was ill my cousin stole my boyfriend. Better luck to you.

    I love "Phoebe" and my middle name is "Alice" but my new name to offer up to you is "Olivia" and you can call very Livy. Or... Isabelle is another good choice. Izzy is such a cute nickname.

  10. I love an Elizabeth you can call Libby.

    In fact, ALL the names I have picked out for my fictional baby to be have long and short names. Not that I love nick names, mind you, I just love having a "private" name that the family calls the kid. Like Arabs.

    And your medical condition tells me you should visit my blog and and a bath house post haste! (my blog was about bath houses...)

  11. Kaycee,
    Thanks for the new names. I really like Olivia and Isabelle. This is such a hard choice.

  12. Sheryl (as in mother-in-law)June 20, 2005 at 11:08 AM

    A new voice on the blog! Congrats on the girl, we are thrilled. I think it's time for another girl in this family. My vote is for Sophie as my grandmother on my mother's side was named Sophia (maybe that's even better). I like Olivia also, no reason.