Monday, August 1, 2005

I Made it Through The Rain (actually there was none, but there was a downpour of the usual anti-Utah comments)

Where to begin? I made good on my chocolate silk pie promise. Each night the routine went something like this:
My mother-in-law, my grandmother-in-law, and I would sit around the beach house reading.
Sometime between 9:00-9:30 pm I would get out of my chair and remove the chocolate silk pie from the freezer for defrosting purposes, after which I would return to my chair.
Fifteen minutes later I would announce my intentions with a simple "who's up for some pie?"
Which would result in both women exclaiming some variation on the phrase "oh, no, I couldn't!", but then both deciding at the last minute that they wanted some, but only a small piece.
Obeying orders, I would cut three hearty slices and bring them into the living room.
Then we would undergo a few rounds of "this really is a good pie, I have to admit it" "where is it from? Marie Calendar?! You don't say..."

Holden saw Chicken Run about a dozen times--in case you are wondering, we DID spend time on the actual beach, too.

I mistook the cell phone ring for an alarm clock noise at 6:00 am. I kept pounding and pounding on that clock, but the noise didn't stop until it was good and ready.

I drove around with my brights on all the time without realizing it.

Holden broke a chair in the Pacific City library while I was trying to read/write blogs, so clearly I can't ever go back there again.

I became obsessed with Gilmore Girls and started wishing that I could wear my hair like Rory's in the first season.

I stayed up till 2:00 am reading the 6th Harry Potter (dilemma solved, by the way, as they were on sale at Fred Meyer and all I had to do was walk in and buy one). I won't discuss my feelings about the book in case any yet-to-be-discovered fans are out there reading this (you know who you are, Marcy Dibbleblotts). Let's just say that, coupled with the lateness of the hour and my highly emotional and wacky state, I had to stop myself from praying about the ending when I finally calmed down enough to go to sleep.

I bought an abundance of shoes at the Lincoln City outlets. In fact, you might say that I doubled the number of shoes that were in my suitcase when I left for Oregon...

I DID NOT have any Gift From the Sea-esque insights while lounging on the beach, except that maybe the dead seagull in the sand seemed symbolic of how I felt after walking up the sand dune carrying a lawnchair and a bag full of shovels and buckets.

I made a disturbing and upsetting discovery regarding cellulite that I can't really discuss in detail.

I heard the phrase "Utah Mormon" about five times.

I had a confrontation with DMP about the whole "forged/forded" debacle and we both came out better people from the conversation.

I gave up Radcliff, who had no problem being left at what can only be described as "Dog Mecca": lots of land, goats to nip at, chickens to chase, and cats to torment. He is in heaven. And has already forgotten that I ever existed.

I read a lot of People and US magazines, and am therefore an expert on such global issues as "Brangelina," "Jen and Ben's Low-Key Wedding," and "Jennifer Anniston's recent foray into Budokon."

And finally, I obsessed over how I could blog about my trip without writing some lame list of things that I did. Alas, I am doomed to be "list girl" forever. I wish I could be like Kacy, who I call "witty prose girl," or like Marcy, who I refer to as "perfectly self-effacing girl." I'm just boring old "list girl." Urgh.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful vacation. Especially all of the pie and reading and beach-ness. And the Harry Potter. Sniff, sniff. That book got me good.

    When do you leave for AZ? We're coming to Utah the last week of August. Will we be missing you? I hope not. I want to see you guys and also show off the boy! And also I have a little dress that I bought in case Jacob was a Jacobina and I thought you might enjoy it. Glad you're bag blogging.

  2. Oh Carly, you will always be "prescription deodorant girl" to me. But seriously folks, aren't we glad that Carly is back? Finally. Now let's start talking about Harry Potter, and let's NOT talk about the fact that Carly is leaving again soon. No one even mention it please.

  3. Yes, I am not ready to deal with the cold (or should I say hot? yak, yak, yak) reality that I am moving. Robyn, I will be leaving August 14th, so I will miss you. I really wanted to see the whippersnapper. But I have been visiting your blog so I am updated on his cuteness.

  4. Welcome back list girl. WOW, you're going to have to fill me on the the celebrity gossip...I'm too poor for the mags these days...and can we please get to together to "process" what we've read? I swear I needed therapy after finishing Harry Potter, thank goodness I had Kacy, but now we can all chat about all the berdy stuff we've learned online!

  5. My comment in your last post wasn't supposed to be anti-Utah. I really love just took a little while to come to that realization.

    By the way, I am Suzie P's friend and I found you via her links. You all seem like a lot of fun...and intelligent! I love that.

  6. I missed you while you were gone. This morning, after my long vacation, when my alarm clock went off this morning, I actually said, "What's that?"

    I remember when Holden broke the library chair and you had to quickly get off the phone with me. I believe I was on the phone with you while you were reading my blog. I love multi-media relationships.

    Love the Gilmore Girls. And the ending of the last Harry Potter has already been spoiled for me by Neil's sister-in-law.