Saturday, June 3, 2006

Life in the 'Burg.

So I live in Rexburg now. Just for the summer. It's fun. I live in single male housing. That's right. We live in an apartment where six dudes lived. If you multiply those six dudes by the number of semesters that Sunrise Village has been housing dudes, you might start to feel a little queasy (especially when you use the bathroom).

Note the flesh-colored walls, the subtle sparkles, the cute children...
But we've got our industrial strength air fresheners going and we just treat our life in male housing like one big, crazy, summer-long camping trip. Once we put the tarps around, we felt fine about sitting on the couches and beds.

Some fun things have happened since I last blogged. For instance, I had a job interview in which the dean of a college campus asked me why "clique" wasn't spelled "click." Good times. I also got a haircut and developed a deep, abiding fascination with Jack White. It's not really a crush, per say. It's more like the way I felt about dracula when I was little: sort of afraid, sort of intrigued, sort of creeped out, yet unable to tear myself away.

I dropped my cell phone in the toilet the day we moved into our new apartment (pre-air fresheners and tarps), and I walked into the wrong classroom on the first day of class, began confidently teaching, and then was told I was in the wrong place. It was only when the ACTUAL teacher of the class walked in that I realized what I had done. Woopsie daisies. But I love Rexburg. And I like teaching at BYU-Idaho.

I have developed what I like to call a "crapitite." That is, I only ever crave junk food. Ding Dongs and Diet Coke in the morning, peanut clusters and jelly donuts in the afternoon, and potato chips and popcorn at night. Bring it on. It's all I want. How this differs from my usual bad eating habits I'm not sure. Maybe it's just the sheer amount of crappy foods that is so astonishing. I mean, I used to throw an apple in the mix every now and then. Things are different now.

We miss some ASPECTS of Tucson. For example, Frost. And certain people, like Holden's best pal, Jackson. But we like the slow-paced cowboy life in Idaho and are considering opening some sort of bookstore here and never leaving.

I will write more interesting stuff when some interesting stuff happens to me. Believe me, you'll be the first to know. At this point it sufficeth to say that I have a crapitite and a soggy cell phone.


  1. I have a crapitite too. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Enjoy teaching (the right class) at BYU-Idaho.

  2. I can understand living in a less than wonderful place. Our new house was built in the 50's and looks it too. But we're getting use to white walls and light green tile. I understand the junk food cravings, I have them all the time. Maybe it's a mom thing. It's my biggest daily battle. I just try not to buy it. I've got to lose some baby weight.

  3. Jenn,
    At least you are FIGHTING the urge to binge!

  4. Idaho? Boy it has been a while since reading the last post. Glad you're kickin and back on the blogtrain. I am sure you'll have the homiest of villas in the village by the time you get to leave.
    Glad to have you back, sparkley bath and all!

  5. Help me understand what the charms of Rexburg are. I'm very intrigued.

  6. I've taken a small break from staring at that picture of the delicious gelato on the Frost website to tell you to please post a pic of your new fab haircut.

  7. Neil,
    Rexburg Charms: sparkly bathtubs, a gas station called "Horkley's" which is really fun to say while snorting, quietude, very little crime, proximity to Yellowstone and the Tetons, and low cost of living.
    I will get on that hair pic. I need to DO my hair before I take the pic, so it could take up to three weeks, by which time it will have grown out and will be ugly.

  8. The best Rexburg charm: a park whose real name is Beaver Dick Park.

  9. I spent a lovely Memorial weekend in Tucson for my brother's wedding. Now I'm sad I didn't know about Frost. Are you coming back so we can go to Ikea together someday?

  10. Emily, I will be back in Septembah.